How to Buy and Sell on Zipmex

February 11, 2019

Now that you have funds in your account, it’s time to start purchasing your very first digital assets. The Zipmex exchange is elegant and intuitive, so you can make purchases in just two simple steps.

Step 1: Click ‘Buy and Sell’

Step 2: Enter Preferred Amount

You can either enter a specific amount of fiat worth of digital assets or directly enter the amount of digital assets that you wish to buy. The system will display your transaction overview, where you can check the market price of BTC, transaction cost as well as total fee. Once you have entered your preferred amount of fiat (in this case, USD) or digital assets, a confirmation page will pop up. Check through your order and confirm the order.

You can also sell your digital assets for fiat. Click on the ‘Sell’ tab instead of the Buy tab and enter your preferred amount of digital assets you wish to sell.

Buying and Selling on Zipmex: digital assets

If you wish to trade your digital assets for another, you can do so on the Zipmex exchange. Click ‘Exchange’ to be directed to the page below, where you can view the Buy and Sell order books.

On the right column, you can choose to buy or sell. Once you have entered your preferred amount, place your order and you’re done!

The Zipmex exchange is a feature-rich exchange that aims to provide traders with the best trading experience. Fiat-digital assets transactions make the buying and selling of digital assets convenient, and the various order types offered cater to traders with different trading styles. The platform is designed to support both starter and seasoned traders alike. Zipmex is also currently working on offering margin trading for traders who are used to buying on margin. Stay tuned as Zipmex adds even more features for your trading experience!

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