An Introduction to the Dead Diamond Society NFT Project!

March 09, 2022

What is the Dead Diamond Society?

Zipmex Australia are extremely excited to be collaborating with the Australian Non-Fungible token (NFT) project and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)Dead Diamond Society.Throughout March and April some of our lucky users will be fortunate enough to win one of the society’s NFTs which provides membership and exclusive access to community events. But who is behind the Dead Diamond Society and what does the DAO aim to achieve?

The Dead Diamond Society was launched in February 2022 as a partnership between Sports Moments, Four Point Collectables, The Hour Group and Vintage Mode and whilst being an NFT project is also a DAO meaning owning a Skull is only the beginning of what the project aims to achieve for its NFT holders. The initial launch and mint of the 2,500 Skull NFTs to the Ethereum blockchain sold out in under 15 minutes! Among the founders are some prominent names in NRL and Digital Collectables including Kenny Bromwhich, Jacob Osborne, Sandor Earl and Ryan Papenhuyzen. 

The Dead Diamond Society (DDS) have put the funds raised from the launch straight to work by purchasing several NFTs which are now collectively owned by members, including a Bored Ape NFT – one of the world’s most valuable NFTs. DDS also operates a Gala Games Node and have begun planning the first of their exclusive events only open to DDS skull owners. The team are focused on continuing to execute on the DAO’s roadmap throughout 2022 and there’s definitely exciting times ahead for the project and its members.

How is Each NFT Unique?

Owning your own Skull NFT is your key to access the Dead Diamond Community and DAO. Each NFT is a unique artwork generated from a pool of 60 traits. There are only 2,500 NFTs meaning membership to the society is capped at this number, although there’s no limit to the number of NFTs you can hold so in reality there are also several ultra rare 1 of 1 Skulls that provide extra utility for holders such as the Vintage Mode, Four Point Collectibles, Sports Moments and Hour Group’s Skulls that provide exclusive access to what these organizations provide. For example, the owner of the Sports Moments Skull will also receive NFTs from all Sport Moments projects launched over the next. coming 24 months.

The Skulls have become extremely popular as profile pictures across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Instagram and the team are working on releasing exclusive merchandise where you can feature your NFT outside of the digital realm via shirts and much much more. The project has also attracted some big names in sports across Australia with some notable members/hodlers including Nathan Cleary, Kyle Kuzma, Kalyn Ponga, Cody Weightman, and Brandon Smith.  

The team has already pulled off so much in such a short time since launch, but there are still many exciting developments planned for the near future including a Sandbox land purchase, exclusive events, NFT drops and other community initiatives. You can read more about their Roadmap here

Where can you get a Dead Diamond NFT?

If you’d like to become a Dead Diamond Society Member the easiest way is to jump on the world’s most popular NFT marketplace Opensea and purchase a Skull NFT for yourself!

You’ll need what’s known as a Web Wallet first, and Metamask is the most widely used and accepted globally. This wallet can store many different digital assets including Ethereum (ETH) and NFTs. Opensea has a useful guide on how to set this up and connect it to the market place to start trading NFTs, you can find this here.

Once your Metamask wallet is set up you can easily fund it by sending ETH from Zipmex to your Metamask Ethereum address. 

You can also jump into the Dead Diamond community discord and follow the project on all their social media channels as you may be lucky enough to win a giveaway that they run from time to time. Lastly, some lucky Zipmex users can win a Skull as a major prize in our Zipmex spin to win game. Follow the link here to play! 
You can find all the links to their official social channels and websites here .

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