Crypto Gaming United Now LIVE on ZLaunch

March 02, 2022

Crypto Gaming United Now LIVE on ZLaunch

Say hello to Crypto Gaming United (CGU).

Lock ZMT, receive CGU hourly on ZLaunch over the next 30 days of the period.

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is a play-to-earn guild and DAO. CGU purchases and lends out NFT assets of popular Play-to-Earn blockchain games to players, also known as scholars.

Players can afford to play without a substantial upfront expenditure. In return, CGU receives a share of the in-game token earnings of its scholars. Read more about Crypto Gaming United on our token info page here.

Users can participate and lock their ZMT in the CGU project pool to receive from the total project bonuses of 40,000 CGU tokens over the 30 day period.

Project Pool Snapshot

Earning Start Date 26 Feb 2022
Earning Period 30 Days
User Lock Limit 5,000 ZMT 
Project Maximum Lock Limit 3,500,000 ZMT
Total Project Rewards 40,000 CGU

Read more about ZLaunch here.

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