Double wallets โ€“ the key to unlock limitless experiences with Zipmex!

August 04, 2021

Double wallets - the key to unlock limitless experiences with Zipmex!

With this new feature, your funds will be divided into two wallets which are

  • Trade wallet is a place to store funds for trading activities.
  • Z Wallet has all products and services from Zipmex such as receiving bonuses, earning new digital assets, and much more including access to exclusive products and services.

This allows you to manage your assets more efficiently and can access exclusive items on ZipWorld as well as continuing to receive bonuses with your Z Wallet.

Please note that your assets will remain in the Trade Wallet and will continue to earn interest until 2nd September 2021. From 2nd September 2021 onwards users will need to transfer their assets to Z Wallet to continue earning interest.

Do not forget to update your Zipmex app to access these features!

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