An Introduction to the Drop Bears NFT Project!

March 09, 2022

What is a Drop Bear NFT?

Zipmex Australia are excited and proud to be collaborating with the Australian Non-Fungible token (NFT) project Drop Bears. Throughout March and April some of our lucky users will be fortunate enough to win one of these uniquely Australian NFTs. But who and what are the Drop Bears?

The Australian trio of Tom Smith, Rhys Dale, and Nat Riley from NSW’s Shoalhaven region, created the Drop Bears, a collection of 10,000 Koala themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in August 2021.  

The founders witnessed firsthand the devastation of the 2019 bushfires that ravaged Australia’s East Coast and decimated local Koala populations and they were determined to help out in anyway they could, sparking the idea for a Koala themed NFT project that would be uniquely Australian and help to raise funds for Koala conservation efforts across the country.In August 2021, the Drop Bears were born with 10,000 manic marsupials launched and they took the world by storm selling out in under 18 hours. The project has been featured across numerous mediums including Australia’s own ABC. Each Bear is adorned with their own quirky personalities and outrageous fashion choices. Each original sale, and then ongoing re-sales on the secondary NFT market generates funds for Australian Koala conservation efforts and Hospitals around the country.

To date over >$70,000 AUD has been raised and donated to several Koala hospitals, with this figure continuing to rise as the project generates royalties from the continued sales of their NFTs on the secondary market. Along with these efforts in aiding Koala conservation, the team have built a truly global community of Drop Bears holders and continue to build out the project with further NFT releases, adjustable backgrounds and are even launching their own token later in the year.

How is Each Bear Unique?

The art is something that the team are extremely proud of and captures some uniquely Australian traits from the iconic Baggy green, to Bunnings aprons, Winnie blues tucked into shirt sleeves, wiggles shirts, Vegemite shirts, rainbow paddle pops and many more. With all of these worn by several different types of Bear.

The entire collection has over 100 traits varying from hats, eyes, mouths, ears, shirts, furs and backgrounds. The different combinations of these result in some bears being rarer than others with some traits being ultra rare, and others more common.

They have become extremely popular as profile pictures across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Instagram and you can join in on community events such as poker tournaments, regular giveaways and much more by hopping into the Drop Bear’s Discord community. 
The team also have many exciting developments planned for the near future including a Drop Bears based game, a Swamp version of the Bears and even their very own token! You can read more about their Roadmap here.

The Charity Aspect of Drop Bears

The Project has been heavily focused on Koala conservation since its inception, with the founders working with Port Macquarie Koala Hospital from the outset to ensure they would be open to  receiving a cryptocurrency donation. Since launching, the project has now raised funds for 4 charities and adopted numerous Koala’s in need of care and rehabilitation. A big focus of these donations has also been on habitat rejuvenation and Koala breeding to help reinvigorate the species which is now listed as endangered.

Funds continue to be generated from NFT sales and with the developments scheduled for 2022 the team are excited to be able to continue contributing to this important cause.

Where Can You Get a Drop Bear:

If you’d like to support the project and Koala conservation around Australia the easiest way is to jump on the NFT marketplace Opensea and purchase a Dropbear for yourself!

You’ll need what’s known as a Web Wallet first, and Metamask is the most widely used and accepted globally. This wallet can store many different digital assets including Ethereum (ETH) and NFTs. Opensea has a useful guide on how to set this up and connect it to the market place to start trading NFTs, you can find this here.

Once your Metamask wallet is set up you can easily fund it by sending ETH from Zipmex to your Metamask Ethereum address. 

You can also jump into their community discord as the team regularly hold giveaways and you might just be lucky enough to score one there. Zipmex is also giving away some Drop Bears to those lucky enough to win one on our spin to win game. Follow the link here to play! 
You can find all the links to their official social channels and websites here .

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