Yieldly Meet The Founder NFT Giveaway

November 16, 2021

A chance to win NFTs and get to know Yieldly from the CEO!

Zipmex will be hosting an exclusive interview session this month with Sebastian Quinn, CEO and Co-Founder of ZLaunch’s first token project, Yieldly.

YIELDLY NFT GIVEAWAY: 20 NFTs up for grabs!
1. Register in the campaign form
2. Submit your question you’d like to ask the CEO of Yieldly
3. 20 Zipmex users with the best questions will be airdropped 1 unique NFT each for FREE!

Submit your questions between November 17 and 18, 2021 for the chance to win an NFT and stay tuned for the interview!

Disclaimer: Make sure you use an external ERC20 wallet like MetaMask that is compatible with the Ethereum network, if the wallet is not compatible you may not receive your NFT during the transfer at your own risk.  

What is Yieldly?

Yieldly is the world’s first and largest DeFi protocol built on Algorand, as well as the first fully integrated Algorand launchpad. Yieldly currently features 3 innovative products on Algorand: No-Loss Prize Games (ALGO and NFT rewards), Multi-asset Staking Pools, and Cross-chain Bridges.

This is your chance to learn more about Yieldly as a token project and learn why you should keep your eye on YLDY token which will be listed on Zipmex exchange!

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