Telegram Giveaway! Win up to $55 worth of ZMT!

October 19, 2021

Hi Everyone! 

You know what time of the week it is!  We want to thank everyone who has been following us along the Zipmex journey and collaborating with us with your opinions and thoughts on this channel. This week, we would love it if you could help support our existing channels so we can continue to help grow the Zipmex Australia community together. 

Join the Zipmex AU community:

🧐 What do you need to do?

Leave us a review on the App Store or Google Play in 15 words or more on how Zipmex has helped you with your crypto investments.

Apple Store:

Google Play: 

Completing all actions above will get you a $5 worth of ZMT reward. But wait, there’s more!

🚨 BONUS: Guess what the price of Polygon (MATIC) will be valued at 5PM , Friday 22 October 2021. The person that guesses the closest number with 2 decimal points will win $50 worth of ZMT. 

You can guess the price of MATIC in the Zipmex Telegram chat. 

Example: “MATIC will be valued at $2.07”


In order to be eligible to win the Bonus offer, please ensure you have left a review (in 15 words or more). Please add in Telegram usernames within the review at the end for Johnathan to cross-reference checking eligibility for rewards.  


The giveaway will start today, Wednesday 19th October 2021.

The MATIC price guessing will conclude on 5:00PM Friday, 22 Oct 2021 as the Bonus giveaway will conclude on 11:59PM Friday, 22 Oct 2021. 

All entries and completed actions must be completed by Thursday 22nd Oct 5:00pm AEST. 


The winner of the bonus offer will be announced at 5PM, Monday, 25 October 2021.

New members are eligible to participate, please feel free to invite your friends to join the Zipmex Telegram!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out on Telegram and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you, from the Zipmex Team.

T&C’s applies 

Terms and Conditions 

Telegram Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Governing The Zipmex Telegram Giveaway (the “Terms and Conditions”)

1. The Telegram Giveaway (the “Giveaway”) will commence on Tuesday, 19 Oct 2021 at 4:00PM (AEDT) and conclude on Thursday, 22 Oct 2021 at 5:00PM (AEDT) (the “Giveaway Period”) within Australia only.

2. The Bonus Giveaway will commence on Tuesday, 19 Oct 2021 at 3:00PM (AEDT) and conclude on Friday, 22 Oct 2021 at 11:59PM (AEDT) (the “Bonus Period”) within Australia only

3.  Users/ participants (the “Participant”) in the Giveaway need to have a current account with Zipmex, all new Zipmex users need to create an account and successfully complete verification to be eligible to receive the $5 worth of ZMT reward in the Giveaway.  

Each Participant must:

(A) Leave a review (1) on the App Store in 15 words or more describing how Zipmex has helped the participant with their crypto investments (;

4. To be eligible to receive the $50 worth of ZMT reward in the Giveaway, each (“Participant”) must:

( A ) Leave a review as per section 3 (A) of the current Terms and Conditions. 

( B ) Guess the closest price of Polygon (MATIC) providing a number within 2 decimal places by Thursday 5:00PM AEST

The bonus offer will require participants to guess the price of Polygon (MATIC) at 5PM, 22 October 2021 and must provide a number within 2 decimal places. The winner of the bonus offer must complete all actions from section 3 (A) in order to be eligible to win the bonus prize.

Participants must complete required actions from 3 (A) in order to participate in the bonus offer. Participants will only have 1 guess to win a bonus prize. Winner of the bonus reward will be announced Monday 5:00PM, 25 October 2021. 

The completion of (A) and (B) above shall be an “Entry” in receiving the reward for the Bonus Giveaway.

5. Zipmex has the absolute discretion at any time and from time to time to determine the eligibility of any Participant to take part in the Giveaway and shall not be obliged to give any reason thereof. Without limiting the generality of this provision, Participants:

(a) who are a staff/employee or a director of Zipmex  during the Giveaway Period, and their respective immediate family members;

(b) who are employees and staff of Zipmex’s partners, the auditors, advertising agencies, promotion agencies and/or other persons involved (directly or indirectly) in organizing, promoting and/or conducting the Giveaway or who have an interest in the Giveaway, and their respective immediate family members;

(c) who are or become mentally incapacitated, deceased or insolvent;

(d) who face legal proceedings of any nature or any threat of legal proceedings of any nature instituted against them; 

6. For the avoidance of doubt, Zipmex shall not be responsible or liable:

(a) for any Entry that fails to reach Zipmex for any reason whatsoever or for any failure, technical error or delay in the transmission of the Entry to Giveaway for any reason whatsoever before the expiry of the Giveaway Period;

(b) for any failed, incomplete, distorted, undelivered, late, damaged, illegible or lost Entries; or

(c) for any breakdown or malfunction in any computer system or equipment or network connection or internet connection, 

which may result in the Participant being omitted from taking part in the Contest or for any claim or cause of action arising out of or in connection with the Giveaway. No appeal, correspondence or claims or payment of compensation will be entertained. 

7. Each Participant can submit only one (1) Entry. Zipmex shall have the right to disqualify any Participant from the Giveaway if: 

(a) he/she is found to have submitted an inaccurate or incomplete Entry and/or inaccurate personal particulars;

(b) Zipmex subsequently finds out that any Participant had submitted more than one (1) Entry using a different name or email address or contact details or any other methods to increase his/her reward earnings;

(c) the Participant is found to have tampered with the entry process or the operation of the Giveaway or is in breach of these Terms and Conditions; and/or 

(d) an Entry is deemed to be unfit for participation in the Giveaway for any reason whatsoever. . 

8. (a) All Entries are subject to review and approval by Zipmex at its absolute discretion. The Zipmex decision on and method of selecting the Winners shall be at its absolute discretion and shall be final, conclusive and binding and Zipmex shall not be liable for payment or compensation to any party resulting from Zipmex’s choice of the Winners or for any Participant not being eligible to receive the reward offered under the Giveaway. No appeal, correspondence or claims or payment of compensation will be entertained.

(b) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Zipmex reserves the right to select other Winners to substitute any Winner who is subsequently found to be ineligible or disqualified or where the Winner is unable to furnish any satisfactory proof that he/she is indeed the same person as the individual who submitted the winning Entry (for example, by showing all documentary evidence proof of screenshot of social media accounts and proof of screenshot of at least one App store or Google Play review.). 

9. The Entries must contact Johnathan Zipmex Staff via Telegram, and they are required to send proof of social media accounts followed & at least one review through screenshots to “Johnathan” by Friday, 22 Oct 2021. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the Prize. Details of the Prize collection will be sent to the Winners after contact is made with Zipmex via Telegram during the stipulated time. 

10. The Prize is not transferable, or refundable. Zipmex shall not be responsible for any consequences including, but not limited to, loss of life, injury to person and/or damage to property arising from or in connection with the Giveaway and/or the redemption or use of the Prize. Zipmex assumes no liability or responsibility and will not be liable or responsible for any defects, quality, merchantability, the fitness or any other aspect of the Prize or goods or services offered in the Giveaway or the acts or defaults of the merchant, agent, supplier or service provider of the Prize or defects or deficiency in the Prize or goods or services offered in the Giveaway. Zipmex is not an agent of the merchants, agents, suppliers or service providers.  Any disputes about quality or service standard with the Prize must be resolved directly with the merchants, agents, suppliers or service providers. The merchant, agent, supplier or service provider may impose conditions for the use of the Prizes or the goods or services. 

11. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions, Zipmex reserves the right at any time and from time to time in its absolute discretion to terminate the Giveaway or to determine and/or amend, by addition to, subtraction from or variation of, these Terms and Conditions without prior notice or assigning any reason or assuming any liability to any party and all Participants shall be bound by these amendments.

12. While all information provided herein is believed to be correct and reliable at the time of publishing or posting online, Zipmex makes no representation or warranty whether express or implied, and accepts no responsibility or reliability for its completeness or accuracy. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any advertising, promotional, publicity and other materials relating to or in connection with the contest, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. 

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