Trade to The Moon with Zipmex!

May 09, 2021

📍 Campaign period: 10 May 00.00 (GMT+7) – 31 May 2021 23.59 (GMT+7)

Win rewards from our prize pool of up to $50,000 USD when you trade C8P, LINK, OMG, MKR, or, YFI.

As the Total Trading Volume (of the 5 tokens) of campaign participants increases, so does the prize pool reward! The reward will be distributed relative to each user’s contribution to the Total Trading Volume*.

I.e. If you trade USD $10,000 worth of these tokens within the campaign period, and the Total Trading Volume of all campaign participants (from the 5 tokens) is USD $25M, you will receive $10,000 / $25M * 25,000 USDT = 10 USDT

🏆 Prize Pool:

Total Trading Volume: $10m USD | Prize pool of 10,000 USDT
Total Trading Volume: $20m USD | Prize pool of 25,000 USDT
Total Trading Volume: $30m USD | Prize pool of 40,000 USDT
Total Trading Volume: $35m USD | Prize pool of 50,000 USDT

*Zipmex will update the trading volume every Monday at 6 PM (GMT+7) starting 17 May 2021 on this website. Total trading volume only refers to the 5 tokens traded by campaign participants.

Terms & Conditions: 

1. Trade C8P, LINK, OMG, MKR, YFI – total amount of at least 100 USD or 3,200 THB – between 10 May 2021 at 00:00 (GMT+7) until 31 May 2021 at 23:59 (GMT+7).

2. Trading volume is the sum of fully executed buy and sell orders of the 5 names tokens above.

3. Users must register on the “Zipmex Trading to the moon competition” campaign form.

4. Reward will be sent within 14 working days after the campaign ends.

5. This campaign is for users registered on all Zipmex platforms except users registered on

6. Zipmex reserves the right to determine any conditions and amend them with a 3-day notice to the campaign participants.

7. Zipmex reserves the right to determine the total trading amount of participants based on data that is accurate and true at time of announcement.

8. Zipmex reserves the right to change any reward into cash.

9. Zipmex reserves the right to refuse distribution of reward to persons who violate the trading rules under local authorities.

10.Zipmex reserves the right to suspend accounts that are suspicious of money laundering or illegal financial activities under the local authorities.

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