ZMT Development Roadmap 2022 

February 02, 2022

ZMT Development Roadmap 2022 

The Zipmex Token (ZMT) is an ERC-20 traded utility token native to the Zipmex ecosystem. ZMT provides its holders with attractive Zipmex ecosystem benefits and enables access to innovative products and services in the digital asset space.

2022 The Year Ahead with ZMT Global Expansion

In 2022, Zipmex’s centralized products will continue to play an important role in the growth of the token economy of ZMT. Additionally, the decentralized use cases will also be a major area of growth to the token project. 

With the innovation that is developing in the digital asset space, ZMT has development plans to capture the emerging opportunities to enable ZMT holders to access these latest products and services. 

Community Development

In the year ahead in 2022, ZMT will grow its worldwide adoption through its innovative products and community engagement efforts to expand the community of holders and users globally. and through more listings in leading centralized exchanges.

Product Development

In 1H2022:

  • Launch of Zixel NFT platform, a curated NFT platform whereby users will be able to collect and trade curated digital collectibles, and stake ZMT to get early or exclusive access to limited editions NFT collectibles from top creators
  • Launch of the Zipmex Card, whereby Zipmex users will be able to leverage digital assets including ZMT for worldwide payments, with access to 70 million merchants in Visa’s global network
  • Launch of ZLaunchpad, a decentralized launchpad platform that enables users to stake ZMT and get early access to initial decentralized offerings (IDO) of early-stage highly vetted projects
  • Upgrades of existing products with more cross-chain interoperability

In 2H2022: 

  • Expanding ZMT ecosystem in the metaverse, the decentralized, interconnected virtual worlds 
  • Expansion of ZMT ecosystem in the GameFi space, through priority access to leading gaming guilds and to early-stage blockchain games initial game offerings in the Asia-Pacific region

Note: The timeline of the actual launch of the products and services in each market is subject to different factors including but not limited to Zipmex’s business strategy and ZMT token project’s strategy, as well as the legal rules and regulations in the relevant jurisdictions.

Partners Development

ZMT will continue expanding the number of merchant partners in its merchant network and growing its ecosystem of strategic partnerships in the digital asset space. 

Stay tuned for the exciting developments of ZMT.

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