Launching soon: ZMT. Are you ready?

December 08, 2020

ZMT Banner
ZMT Banner

After pioneering a series of innovative digital asset solutions including earnings accounts for digital assets, Zipmex is ready to unveil its native digital token – the Zipmex Token (ZMT)

In keeping with its vision to be the financial institution for all things digital assets in Asia-Pacific, the Zipmex token’s launch moves the company forward and formalizes its status as an innovative digital assets platform.

Not only is the Zipmex token’s launch timely, given the burgeoning appetite for digital assets, but the token also brings unparalleled benefits to members in the local markets where Zipmex has a stake.

With its growing user base of 51,000 and more and over $10M assets under management, loyal fans are eligible for receiving complimentary ZMTs to kickstart the launch of the token. 

The target circulating supply of ZMT by the end of 2021 will be 30 million tokens, and additional ZMTs will be distributed in subsequent years, mainly for community building activities such as special airdrop campaigns, events and trading competitions for loyal members. This ensures that the tokens are mostly held by those interested in maintaining the health of the Zipmex community.

The maximum and total amount of ZMT that can ever exist is 200 million tokens. The limited supply of the ZMT ensures that members who have the tokens are holding a valuable asset that grows in value with the Zipmex ecosystem and platform.

Users can also be assured of the safety and security of the tokens, which are guaranteed by Zipmex. Furthermore, once purchased, Zipmex token holders will have access to their tokens on the platform which is stored in secure vaults.

Currently, the confirmed benefits to owning and staking (locking up) Zipmex tokens for 90 days include: higher rates on earnings accounts and access to Zipmex member-only events and trading tips. In addition, unlike other tokens launched by contenders, ZMT’s lifestyle-centric approach is what truly differentiates the token — exclusive accessibility to a world of financial freedom as well as unparalleled lifestyle rewards, with specific details of these benefits to be announced over the coming days on social media.

As of launch, there are 2 tiers for ZMT holders, ZipMember (which is the basic tier with entry level at 100 ZMT that must be staked) and ZipCrew (higher tier for members with over 20,000 ZMTs staked), with more tiers to be introduced after launch.

Private sales of the token have already commenced. To be launched on 17th Dec 2020 globally (except for Thailand) and 21st Dec 2020 in Thailand, ZMTs will be available for purchase and trading after the respective dates for each market.

For more information on ZMT, please contact [email protected] or follow us on our social media channels.

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