Important Announcement: ZMT Upgrade: BNB Smart Chain deposits and withdrawals coming soon

February 28, 2023

ZMT upgrade – coming soon! 

What does this mean?

In addition to using the Ethereum network, users will be able to deposit and withdraw ZMT via BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20). Adding multi-chain support for ZMT is our first step to unlocking new possibilities for exciting new use cases and destinations. Other than the option to hold ZMT on your preferred chain, BEP-20 benefits users with faster transactions and even cheaper transaction fees.

The benefits of BEP-20

5x faster transaction speed

The average block verification speed is approximately just 3 seconds for BNB Smart Chain compared to almost 15 seconds for Ethereum Chain.

Affordable transaction fee

BEP-20 has a more affordable withdrawal fee than ERC-20 from Ethereum Chain. BEP-20 is currently at approximately 2 ZMT while ERC-20 is 15 ZMT. You can check out the full fee comparison between the two chains here.

Upcoming use cases

We are excited to continue building new use cases for our ZMT community, please stay tuned! 

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