MyNeighborAlice, a play-to-earn blockchain game that allows players to own personal islands and utilize their NFT in-game items.

What is MyNeighborAlice? 

  • MyNeighborAlice is a farmer-theme play-to-earn game where players can buy and own virtual islands, collect items and make new friends.
  • Players can buy NFT real estate and in-game customisable avatars that can be purchased from the marketplace.
  • The gameplay’s inspired by a few interesting sources, for example, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Pettson and Findus, a Swedish children’s book.
  • ALICE is the ERC-20 in-game currency that players can spend in the game as well as generate revenue.

Key Metrics

Token NameMyNeighborAlice
Token Type/ProtocolERC-20
Total Token Supply100,000,000
Current Circulating Supply See Coinmarketcap
Market CapitalisationSee Coinmarketcap
Token Creation DateJanuary 2021
Can it be mined?No

Who is behind MyNeighborAlice? 

MyNeighborAlice was created by Antler Interactive, a Swedish interactive mobile game studio. Its previous name was SVRVIVE Studios, known as VR pioneer.
ChromaWay, a blockchain development company behind the Chromia blockchain, has acquired Antler Interactive since 2019.

What is the purpose of MyNeighborAlice? 

The platform aims to relate to the players as their ‘in-game’ friend with the character of Alice to make the game more personalized and casual. 


  • Players can buy virtual land with NFT tokens and decorate it with various items that can  be purchased from the in-game marketplace or marketplace on other blockchains as well. 
  • When players complete their quests and activities, they boost their reputation scores. There are some shared task quests that allow players to work together and discuss through decentralized forums to complete the common goal. 
  • ALICE token can be staked to unlock special quests. Besides, ALICE holders can also use the token to vote in governance proposals.
  • MyNeighborAlice is built on Chromia, a layer-one blockchain run on Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism.


  • MyNeighborAlice was built on Ethereum platform which means there are higher transaction fees especially during the peak period of activity. 
  • The competition rate is high in blockchain game market as there are several new competitors entering the race daily which might consider a threat.

News and Updates:

The game’s developers recently announced an $80 million Metaverse Grant Program that will support the most promising ideas to expand the game’s metaverse.

Community & Whitepaper:


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