Convex Finance

Convex Finance is a DeFi platform designed to provide additional yield and ease of use to the stakers and liquidity providers of CRV tokens.

What is Convex Finance?

  • Convex Finance enables Curve ( liquidity providers and stakers to earn additional DeFi yields through CVX and cvxCRV tokens. Curve as the largest decentralized exchange to date with more than $20 billion in total value locked could offer an enormous advantage for other DeFi platforms absorbing liquidity from them.
  • Convex Finance offers ease to earn Curve trading fee rewards while still having liquidity over their CRV tokens. 
  • Convex Finance platform benefited three main actors: Curve liquidity providers, CRV stakers, and CVX stakers. 
    • Curve liquidity providers could stake their Curve LP token on the Convex Finance system which will be automatically staked in the Curve gauge. Liquidity providers will gain CRV rewards and extra incentive tokens (SNX, LDO, etc.) as well as CVX, at the amount pro-rata to each CRV received. 
    • CRV stakers can use Convex Finance to lock their CRV to receive a cvxCRV tokens that can be deposited into the rewards contract to receive a share of boosted CRV. cvxCRV can be exchanged at any time to CRV at a ratio of 1:1. CVX token will also be rewarded to the stakers pro-rata to the amount of CRV received. 
    • CVX stakers could deposit their CVX on the Convex Finance platform to receive a portion of the platform fees in form of cvxCRV. The CVX deposited could be withdrawn at any time.   

Key Metrics

Token NameConvex Finance
Token Type/ProtocolERC-20
Total Token Supply87,268,353
Current Circulating SupplySee Coinmarketcap
Market CapitalizationSee Coinmarketcap
Token Creation DateMay 2021
Can it be mined?No

Who is behind Convex Finance?

Convex Finance platform was created by an anonymous developer and launched in May 2021. The developer published pre-launch information in April 2021 explaining the project details including token economy and distributions (airdrops). Further information about the developers is nowhere to be found on the internet at the time of writing. 

What is the purpose of Convex Finance?

CVX functioned as a utility and governance token of the Convex Finance platform. The owner of CVX could earn a share of the protocol fees by depositing the CVX on the platform. In addition, to build a more decentralized platform in the future, CVX stakers would also act as the platform governing bodies.


Since first launched in May 2021, Convex Finance’s total value locks have experienced steady growth with its peak happening on 5th January 2022 for as much as $12.58 billion. 


  • Risk of platform security. As a decentralized platform, Convex Finance is subject to the risk of security such as smart contract exploits, bugs, etc. even though the platform has been audited. 
  • Risk of losing liquidity due to an imbalance in the tokenomics circulation that can be caused by a massive withdrawal. 
  • Risk of competition from another platform that also offers the same services with more attractive rewards and product quality. 
  • Risk of dependency with Curve. If Curve is declining because of product substitutions, rivalry, or any factors, then Convex Finance will also go in the same direction. Nevertheless, we considered this risk occurrence to be relatively low.

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