Asian Fintech

AFIN aims to mine Bitcoin using renewable energy and connects holders of AFIN to Green Bitcoin with a staking platform.

What is Asian Fintech?

  • AFIN Coin aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and sustainability, enabling users to be involved in crypto mining with renewable energy by staking for Green Bitcoin , a bitcoin which utilizes clean energy such as solar , wind , hydro to mine.
  • Bitcoin mining farms will be situated next to the power grid that utilizes energy from pure renewable energy sources. The Bitcoin generated from this will be called “Green Bitcoin” under the AFIN ecosystem.
  • In order to connect the holders of AFIN Coin to Green Bitcoin, AFIN will provide a staking platform for holders of AFIN Coin to stake their AFIN Coin and receive Green Bitcoin.
  • For clarification, this will be Bitcoin that is mined from pure renewable energy. It will not be wrapped Bitcoin or an imitation of Bitcoin of any kind, but will be Bitcoin that is on the Bitcoin blockchain. Recipients of the Green Bitcoin will be able to trace and verify the creation of their Green Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain themselves.

Key Metrics

Token NameAsian Fintech  
Token Type/ProtocolERC20
Total Token Supply500,000,000
Current Circulating Supply See Coinmarketcap 
Market CapitalisationSee Coinmarketcap 
Token Creation DateJun 2018
Can it be mined?No

Who is behind Asian Fintech?

Christina Ruth Ham is the Head of Marketing. Christina has been the head of marketing and business development in many global corporations over the years. She can understand the needs of clients and plan the strategic way to serve their best interest as well as company interest.

Vladimir F. Foy-os is the Head of Communication. Vlad’s vision is to advocate a financial  system based on trust. He is a dynamic and self-motivated business community manager. Vlad is responsible for managing the AFIN Global community, as well as developing business partners.

What is the purpose of Asian Fintech?

Users can stake AFIN on the AFIN platform for a specific period of time to get “Green Bitcoin” in return and an NFT which depends on the amount of AFIN staked.

Moreover, AFIN’s planned to encourage AFIN holders’ green energy usage by granting several additional benefits relating to their environmental friendly activities.  


In addition to staking AFIN coin on its platform to earn Green Bitcoin , AFIN’s roadmap plans out several milestones as the following:

  • Green Tourism (Q1-2022)

AFIN holders have an opportunity to redeem environmentally friendly trips and stays around the world. The trips and stays will be fully or partially powered by renewable energy such as solar and/or wind energy. Furthermore, the traveling programs aim to create environmental awareness and a sustainable experience.

  • Carbon Credit Discount (Q1-2022)

AFIN holders will get a discount for purchasing carbon credit. Additionally, AFIN holders have already offset carbon credit emission by participating in clean bitcoin mining and the use of Green Bitcoin.

  • EV Charging Reward (Q2-2022)

AFIN holders can redeem their coin to receive discounts on EV charging fees as a reward for being a part of an environmentally friendly movement for sustainable cryptocurrency.

  • Sustainable Community Crypto Mining (Q3-2022)
    Together is better than one. Community of Crypto Mining who cares about environmental impact will be formed to help each other toward the sustainability world. Crypto mining using clean energy will be supported throughout the community in various ways. 
  • Crypto Farming Game(Q4-2022)
    AFIN holders can participate in a play-to-earn crypto farming game which will promote the use of clean energy in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Sustainability (Q4-2022)
    AFIN shall support environmentally friendly and sustainable activities that are inline with our objectives. To make the cryptocurrency ecosystem environmentally friendly as much as possible and to create a positive climate index in many regions of the world.


  • As staking of AFIN tokens are done through an Ethereum smart contract and the rewards are given in BTC on the bitcoin network , currently the reward system is not fully decentralized and automated.
  • As bitcoin is fungible, after the first transaction and unless separate addresses are used, the  “Green Bitcoin” will likely be hard to trace and is likely to be “mixed” with other Bitcoin as “Green Bitcoin” is the same as any other Bitcoin , and not wrapped. However, token owners of AFIN would be able to verify they obtained the Bitcoin rewards from AFIN miners’ addresses which have to be proven via audits, whether they were mined using renewable energy
  • As the project seeks to mine Bitcoin , the project and AFIN token may be affected by trends to shift or support other consensus models like Proof of Stake and other highly scalable consensus models that use less energy.

News and Updates:

    A Cointelegraph article on AFIN mentions their goal to promote sustainability connecting users with Bitcoin (BTC) mining farms that use pure renewable energy.
    It highlights many EV manufacturers in Southeast Asia that have expressed interest in accepting cryptocurrencies for their products but are wary of the stigma surrounding the usage of fossil fuels involved in cryptocurrency mining

    AFIN solves this problem by directly connecting the purchases of EVs with renewable energy. In addition, EV charging stations in Southeast Asia will soon be able to accept AFIN as discounts, thereby making the EV charging journey more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
    AFIN coin was listed on Uniswap on 13 September 2021

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