Splintershards (SPS) is the official governance token of Splinterlands, a collectible card game built on blockchain.

ZLaunch SPS Project Details

ZLaunch Start Date
Total Token RewardsNaN
Total Daily RewardsNaN
Total Hourly RewardsNaN
Project Maximum Lock Limit*NaN
User Maximum Lock Limit**NaN

*Project Maximum Lock Limit is the maximum amount of ZMT that can be locked in the ZLaunch project’s pool by all participating users.

**User Maximum Lock Limit is the maximum amount of ZMT that a single user can lock for the ZLaunch project’s pool.

What is Splintershards (SPS)? 

  • Splinterlands is a collectible card game built on the Hive blockchain that allows players to trade, buy or sell digital assets to earn in-game rewards. Splinterlands offers a variety of in-game activities for players to participate in and earn crypto and other digital asset rewards. There are several forms of gameplay including quests, ranked play and tournaments. To find out more, please visit the Splinterlands whitepaper:
  • The Splintershards token will be set up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) via a series of smart contracts which will be published on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform.
  • The primary purpose and utility of the Splintershards (SPS) token within the game will be participating in governance. Additionally, SPS can be staked in order to earn SPS staking rewards, purchase in-game assets, participate in proof of stake validations, special offers, promotions and bonuses available to SPS holders.

Splintershards Key Token Metrics

Token NameSplintershards
Token Type/ProtocolBEP-20, ERC-20

Note: ZLaunch’s SPS are BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Max Token Supply3,000,000,000
Total Token SupplySee Coinmarketcap
Current Circulating Supply See Coinmarketcap
Market CapitalisationSee Coinmarketcap
Token Creation Date26 July 2021

Token Distribution

 Last update: as of 30 December 2021

Who is behind Splinterlands? 

Jesse “Aggroed” Reich is the Co-Founder and CEO of Splinterlands. He has been a gamer for life, and has experience in game creation with kickstarter. Prior to founding splinterlands, he worked as a professor and did marketing for educational software companies.

Matthew “Yabapmatt” Rosen  is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Splinterlands. He started developing his computer programming skills at the age of 10. Matthew is passionate about making his own video games, and has been doing so professionally for nearly a decade. He has a strong background in game design, computer programming, and blockchain technology.

What are the current use cases of SPS token?

Splintershards (SPS) tokens will be required to be staked in order to 

  • Earn SPS staking rewards
  • Participate in governance
  • Purchase in game assets such as card packs
  • Participate in validator nodes
  • Participate in special offers, promotions, and bonuses available to SPS holders

Tokens may be held and staked either in a BSC wallet address or in a Splinterlands game account. The only difference between the two is that only tokens staked in a BSC wallet address will be able to participate in governance votes relating to the DAO.
Tokens staked in either place are able to participate in governance votes related to the game and are also able to earn rewards from the SPS Staking Rewards pool.

Governance (Live)

Each staked SPS token will be worth one vote, so the more SPS tokens a player has staked, the more they will be able to influence the results of the votes. Furthermore, anyone will be able to submit a governance proposal for voting provided that they pay a fee in SPS tokens which will be burned.

Various aspects of the game will be directly coded into the governance system over time so that they will automatically be updated when/if a governance proposal is approved by the SPS stakeholders, without requiring any intervention from the Splinterlands team.

Players may submit governance proposals for changes that will be addedto the governance system in Q1, 2022, and if they are approved with a significant amount of SPS stake then the Splinterlands team will seriously consider implementing the requested changes.

For example, SPS holders will be able to propose and vote on:

  • Splinterlands-sponsored tournament schedule, settings, and prizes
  • Card balance updates
  • Quest, season, and leaderboard rewards
  • Battle settings (time limits, mana cap, rulesets, inactive splinters, etc.)
  • DEC inflation pools
  • Influencing the Foundation Treasury (burning tokens, providing liquitidy to an Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool, purchasing SPS tokens, etc)

Staking Rewards (Live)
In addition to governance voting rights, SPS tokens can be used for unlocking staking rewards within the Splinterlands game. Once staked, SPS tokens are subject to an unstaking period of 4 weeks. Once unstaking of tokens has been initiated, they will be released into the liquid supply at a rate of 1/4 per week for 4 weeks.

Additionally, staked SPS tokens can be staked on a particular player which allow both the SPS holder and the player to earn rewards based on the player’s performance. More details at https://sps.splinterlands.com/rewards/ranked-battles

Key Insights 

  • According to DappRadar, Splinterlands is ranked in the top 3 games in terms of number of users in the past 30 days since September 2021. The Splinterlands game is free for users, however, users have to pay USD $10 for the Summoner’s Spellbook (Starter Pack) upgrade is required to earn rewards and access all functionalities of Splinterlands.
  • 60% of the total token supply will go towards rewarding players, SPS holders, liquidity providers, and oracles. These tokens will be released on a fixed schedule and go into separate pools for the various different areas to be rewarded.
  • Airdrop: 400M SPS tokens, or 13.33% of the total token supply, will be airdropped to players based upon the amount and type of Splinterlands assets held in their account. The goal is to encourage players to accumulate and hold Splinterlands assets over a longer period rather than having a big rush up until the snapshot followed by a dump shortly afterwards. SPS tokens will be airdropped to asset holders on a daily basis over a 12 month period.
SPS tokens will be airdropped to asset holders on a daily basis over a 12 month period.
  • Oracle Rewards: The Ethereum blockchain was the first choice for the governance token contracts; however, in light of the high gas fees it would greatly limit what can be done with the governance token and the number of people able to participate. As a result, the Binance Smart Chain was chosen due to the popularity, low transaction fees and large user base. All interactions of the SPS tokens will be handled via an oracle system. Below the illustration represents how users or other entities elected by the SPS token holders are responsible for running software that relay game transactions in which they will be rewarded SPS tokens for doing so properly. 

Key Risk Considerations:

  • SPS is the governance token that is earned within the Splinterlands game. Lately, there has been an influx of play-to-earn games being released. This has increased the competition amongst the blockchain games in competing for adoption and users across the board. With many other games adopting a similar concept of that of SPS, there is high competition risk and therefore it is crucial for Splinterlands to keep innovating creative ways to incentivise and retain users and community.
  • In addition to focusing on generating mass user adoption, the team has to ensure that the SPS staking and other reward bonuses remain attractive for old and new users.
  • The price of SPS tokens are also subject to high volatility as users’ preferences for games could change with trend, the project could fail to keep up with users’ demands and requirements, and the tokens are subject to speculative risks from market participants. 

Latest News and Updates:

  • Chaos Legion Release – Dec 1, 2021
  1. Splinterlands sold 1M packs in the first phase of presale.
  2. The second phase of the Chaos Legion presale started from December 8 till Jan. 12, 2022.
  3. Chaos Legion general sale will begin Jan 17, 2022.
  4. Splinterlands introduced a voucher airdrop system


  • Splintershards (SPS) Roadmap
  1. SPS validator nodes
  2. Foundation treasury
  3. Riftwatchers
  4. Land Expansion
  5. Private sale and air drop end dates
  6. Reward pool and SPS delegation


  • Splinterlands Town Hall Summary – Dec 24, 2021.
  1. SPS rewards are being worked on and coming down the road
  2. SPS governance will be the next SPS related release 
  3. As reiterated every townhall, the team is committed to integrating SPS into almost everything in the game going forward


Coin info page last updated on 5 January 2022 

For the latest information, please see: https://sps.splinterlands.com/

For the latest releases, please see: https://docs.splinterlands.com/platform/release-notes 


All investments are speculative and involve substantial risk and uncertainty. Investments in the Splintershards is done at your own risk. Investors should understand the nature of digital assets including the terms of return and the risk of assets. We encourage investors to fully understand the assets and the risk associated with them prior to making any investment.  This project information page is intended for informational purposes only and the sole purpose of this project information page is to provide relevant and reasonable information in order to enable an analysis of Splintershards. Information contained herein are based on information provided by Splintershards and are subject to continuous change and therefore are not warranted as to their merchantability, completeness, accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose. Zipmex makes no representation or warranty on the completeness, accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose of such information and is not responsible for any damages or losses from any use of this information.

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