Be part of a 1 Billion IDR Airdrop by Zipmex this November

November 10, 2020

Open an account without any fuss!

As the most innovative digital asset trading platform in Indonesia, Zipmex has launched a 1 Billion IDR Airdrop program for all new users starting on this date 11/11 for a whole month! We aim to provide the maximum benefit for digital asset enthusiasts in Indonesia. It’s easy to participate in this campaign.


  1. Create an account at (if you already have an account, please login)
  2. Perform KYC or verify your account
  3. Buy or deposit USDT / USDC / BTC / ETH / LTC / GOLD
  4. Click the “Wallets” menu on the menu list at the top and sign up to ZipUp program – agree to the terms & conditions

You will automatically be part of the 1 billion rupiah airdrop recipient pool and your airdrop will be sent to your Zipmex account every day.

You will receive an airdrop according to the amount of digital assets that you store:

USDT – 10% p.a.

USDC – 10% p.a.

BTC – 6% p.a.

ETH – 5% p.a.

LTC – 5% p.a.

GOLD – 4,5% p.a.

The Airdrop sum is calculated on an annual basis but will be sent and added every day, automatically to your account!

There’s no minimum or maximum deposit amount and you are free to withdraw at any time 24/7

Only on Zipmex – modern money, modern investing.