Battle of the Provinces: The First Interprovincial Trading Competition in Indonesia, Win 100 Million Rupiahs in Prize!

February 03, 2021

Campaign period: January 15 – February 15, 2021

Prove the worth of your province by winning our Battle of the Provinces trading competition at Zipmex! Win millions of rupiah worth of ZMT tokens!

Battle of the provinces is the first interprovincial trading competition in Indonesia. This competition will gather you and other traders who live in the same province to compete against traders from other provinces. 

Your total trading volume will be summed up into the volume pool of your province. The province with the highest total trading volume will win the following prizes:

If your province reaches a total trading volume of 100 billion rupiahs during the campaign period (15 Jan-15 Feb 2021) and also becomes the one with the highest volume trade, then each trader from your province will be entitled to get a prize pool of 40 million rupiahs. The prize pool will be distributed proportionally. Each trader will get an amount of prize share based on the percentage of total volume achieved by the province.

“What if there are whales in my province?

Don’t worry, the maximum volume per user which will be acknowledged for the prize pool claim is 1 billion rupiahs. So, if there is a whale that has a trading volume of 10 billion rupiahs, we will acknowledge it as 1 billion rupiahs only. Therefore, non-whale traders in the province can also get an overall bigger percentage of the prize pool.

The winning provinces will be announced on all Zipmex Indonesia’s official social media accounts across platforms and press releases by our media partners. What are you waiting for? Get yourself up in the competition right now, invite as many of your neighbors and friends as possible and prove your province worth it for the prize!

Terms and Conditions


  1. If your province wins, only traders who traded a minimum volume of 500.000 rupiahs during the campaign period are entitled to receive their portion of the available prize pool.
  2. The prize pool will be distributed to all participants in the province who won the competition proportionately based on contribution percentage.
  3. Prizes will be distributed in ZMT (the nominal will be dependent on ZMT price in market) within the latest period of 7 days after the winner’s announcement, and will be credited directly to winners’ ZipLock wallet to stake for 90 days. 
  4. Each prize pool has a certain threshold, only provinces with trading volume exceeding threshold can claim the available prize pools. For example, if DKI Jakarta and Bali are in 1st and 2nd place and each of them have accumulated a total trading volume of 12 billion rupiahs and 10 billion rupiahs respectively, so the prize pool that can be claimed by DKI Jakarta is only 10 million rupiahs and Bali 5 million rupiahs, even though the province has the highest volume.
  5. For prize pool claims, the maximum trading volume per user to be included in the prize distribution calculation is 1 billion rupiahs.


  1. Every verified user who is legally allowed to do digital asset transactions in Indonesia is eligible to participate.
  2. This competition is for participants who have registered with Zipmex Indonesia and verified users of Zipmex Indonesia who have completed the account verification process.
  3. Zipmex reserves the right to disqualify participants deemed suspicious and unusual trading activity without prior notice or further clarification.
  4. Individuals whose accounts have not been verified or who have been flagged for money laundering or other illegal activities by the relevant government in Indonesia will not be allowed to participate in this competition.
  5. All participants must become ZipMember in order to claim their prize, namely by staking at least 100 ZMT tokens.


  1. Date event is fixed and the trading volume calculation will follow the predefined date and time of the event – January 15, 2021, 00:00 – February 15, 2021, 24:00 UTC + 7.
  2. In spite of process transparency held by Zipmex while determining winners and distributing prizes, the publication of trading volume data is entirely within Zipmex’s authority. The determination of the winner is inviolable.
  3. Zipmex reserves the right not to disclose individual trading volume data of each participant on the platform – users can only inquire about their own trading volume on the accounts they have.
  4. Participants are required to be responsible for their own positions and trading – Zipmex will not be held responsible for any losses suffered as a result of trading decisions or trader’s actions.
  5. Zipmex reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this competition by giving 3 days notice before the changes take effect.

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