Learn How To Trade From The Expert in Zipmex’s Webinar Series, ZipTalks Vol. 2

February 27, 2021

After the huge success of its first installation, Zipmex will hold a follow-up ZipTalks episode that is no less insightful.

Last week, ZipTalks episode has thoroughly explored crypto assets and how to make your cryptocurrency investment profitable. This time, Zipmex will invite you to learn more about trading. 

Yep, trading. Trading is an attractive alternative for those of you who want to get profit from crypto assets investment in a short period of time by taking advantage of market volatility. 

There’s no doubt that trading really looks tempting. But just like people always said, “High Risk, High Returns”.

Therefore, you need proper and careful preparation in order to understand the market mechanisms, trends, market charts, and timing in crypto assets trading. Besides that, you also need to prepare yourself mentally. 

When prices move up and down, traders usually get caught by emotions.Consequently, inexperienced traders tend to make wrong decisions and lose their profitability.

To properly prepare yourself, Zipmex is collaborating with Sigit Tanoko to further discuss the topics of trading deeper on ZipTalks Webinar Vol. 2 entitled “Smart Trading with Sigit Tanoko”.

Sigit Tanoko is an experienced trader, entrepreneur, author of the book Bitcoin 101, cryptocurrency influencer, and also Director of Aliansi Koin Indonesia.

In this webinar, Sigit Tanoko will share his experiences and pro tips in trading crypto assets. Besides that, there will also be a mystery guest who will also enlighten the webinar with their trading experiences. 

When will the event be held?

ZipTalks Vol. 2 will be held on:

Date : Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Time : 10.00 – 12.00 WIB

To join this event, you will not be charged anything. Yes, it’s free!

Interestingly, after the event, Zipmex will also distribute free tokens worth 5 ZMT* via airdrop. 

Great! How to Register then?

Registration for ZipTalks Vol. 1 is open from 17 February to 26 February 2021. To register, you just need to click the button below and fill the form. Easy peasy, huh?

ZipTalks is a webinar program to educate Indonesia’s wider audience about digital assets. Therefore, you will learn more about digital assets and investment directly from the experts in an interactive manner. 

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