Find Out How to Get Profit while Crypto Market Dropped with Wicky Zeroski

May 27, 2021

The crypto asset market has experienced a significant decline in the past week. Hashtag market crash had become a trending topic on Twitter last week.

Although this condition actually indicates a healthy correction for the crypto market, not a few investors are worried. You may be one of them. You may be wondering, in the midst of ‘bloody’ market conditions, what is the best decision to do? Hodling or trading? Or, you might wonder, can you still make a profit?

To answer your questions, Zipmex presents a special event “The Wait is Over: Bloody Market, Can You Trade, Can You Trade?”. In this event, Zipmex invites expert technical trader, Wicky Zeroski .

Hosted by Zipmex Community Manager, Virli Wei, Wicky will help you to understand what’s happening in the crypto market these days. Wicky will also explain some interesting Altcoins for you to invest in.

Not only that, there will be a Trading Together (Trabar) session with Wicky for the participants. So, you will not only learn about theory, but also put the knowledge into practice. Very interesting, right.
Therefore, don’t miss it.

“The Wait is Over: Bloody Market, Can You Trade Can I Do?” will be held on:
Day, date: Thursday, May 27, 2021
Time: 20.00-21.00 WIB

“The Wait is Over: Bloody Market, Can You Trade Can I Not?” will be broadcasted on Zipmex Indonesia’s YouTube Live. This event is free and exclusive. Participants are required to fill out the registration form provided in order to get access to participate.

Interested? Click the button below and register yourself. What are you waiting for?