Here’s The Winner of ZipMember Top 7 Holder Campaign

March 02, 2021

The ZipMember Top Holder airdrop campaign is now over. After seeing the enthusiasm of ZipMember participation, Zipmex would like to thank you for increasing the number of your ZMT and trusting Zipmex as your chosen exchange platform.

Based on the data that we have compiled during this campaign period, Zipmex announces seven users who got the title of Top 7 ZipMember Holder.

Who are the top 7 winners? Here’s the ranking list.

Congratulations to the winners! ZMT prizes will be sent via airdrop no later than seven working days. 

For those of you who haven’t won this campaign, keep increasing your ZMT and wait for many other exciting programs from Zipmex!

Zipmex, invest anywhere, anytime.