Collaborating with Emurgo, Zipmex Launches Online Course “Introduction to Blockchain” For Newbies

February 09, 2021

The terms Blockchain and Bitcoin are really famous these past few years, especially in 2020.

Along with the skyrocketing Bitcoin price phenomenon, the public’s interest in learning more about this cryptocurrency drastically increased. More and more people try to dive deep into the crypto asset world and learn about how it works.

When one talks about Bitcoin, one needs to also speak of ‘it’s home’, the blockchain. If you wonder what a blockchain is, solving all of your curiosity about blockchain Zipmex collaborates with Emurgo to launch an interesting and informative online course. 

The online course is titled “Introduction to Blockchain” and aims to introduce and educate people about blockchain further.

Emurgo is a multinational company which operates in blockchain technology and provides solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, corporates, and also the government. Sounds legit, right? 

How to register?

To sign up, you can fill out this form. Be especially mindful about your identity and membership status.

When the online course will be held?

The online course will be held on Friday, 19 February 2021 07:00 PM WIB. This course will be held for 2,5 hours. So you can maximize all of your time to understand everything about blockchain and Bitcoin. 

You can see the rundown of the course below:

Kursus online

What you will learn?

  • Basic understanding of what Blockchain is
  • Basic understanding of what Smart Contract is and how it works
  • Basic understanding of Cryptocurrency and how it works
  • Understanding some of the risk associated with Cryptocurrency trading
  • Knowledge of some major Blockchain project and how different they are

How much does it cost?

There are two categories of cost that are available based on membership status. Interestingly, all participants who register will get cashback in the form of ZMT worth IDR 50.000. Isn’t it superb?

  • Reguler : Rp 100.000
  • ZipMember/ZipCrew : Rp  50.000

So, what holds you back? Go register yourself and get new insights only from the experts. 

Terms and conditions

  • Zipmex and Emurgo “Introduction to Blockchain” online course will be held on Zoom
  • For all participant, registration fee is your ticket to join the course
  • Zoom meeting link and code will be given via email on Thursday, 18 February 2021
  • All participants will get free cashback ZMT worth of IDR 50.000 after the course concludes.