Find Out How Importand Crypto Fundamental For Traders and Investors in Trabar Troopers!

July 05, 2021

In the midst of bearish market, not a few investors and traders are back and forth in making choices. Almost all of people think that technical analysis is the main priority and be the most important thing. In fact, technical analysis is not the only way to make a strategy.

There is another analysis that also important, fundamentals. Fundamental analysis is one of the main things you need to determine what asset you will choose for your investment. Why?

Find out more about crypto fundamental asset analysis further from the experts in “Trabar Troopers: What’s Up Crypto Fundamentals?”. Featuring Wicky Zeroski, Technical Trader and Founder of ZeroskiFX and Douglas Tan, crypto analyzer and Founder of Bullwhales.

Wicky and Douglas will share interesting insights for you and share how to properly analyze cryptocurrency from a fundamental perspective. You also get the opportunity to trade together with Wicky and Douglas. 

“Trabar Troopers: How Are the Crypto Fundamentals?” will be held on:
Date: Friday, July 9th, 2021
Time: 8-9 PM

“Trabar Troopers: What’s Up with Crypto Fundamentals?” will be broadcast on Zipmex Indonesia’s YouTube Live. To be able to follow it, participants are required to fill out the available registration form in order to gain access.
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