Game is Over! Let’s Find Out The Winners of ZMT Trading War

March 26, 2021

ZMT Trading War has now officially concluded. Seeing the enthusiasm of all the participants who participated, Zipmex would like to express our gratitude especially for your courage to be a part of ZMT Trading War competition.

After calculating the trading volume throughout the period of March 15th-21st, 2021, Zipmex finally announced 198 winners that managed to win in ZMT Trading War competition.

Congratulations to The Winners!

Congratulation for being a winner in ZMT Trading War. For those of you who have managed to win, Zipmex has airdropped the ZMT directly to your ZipLock account according on your trading volume in this competition.

For those of you who haven’t succeeded in the Battle of Provinces competition, no need to be worry! Zipmex will have a lot more interesting event and campaign for you. So, stay tune and buy more ZMT to get the opportunities!

See you in another competition!