Refer a friend and get year-end rewards!

December 08, 2020

*Limited time only*

The end of the year is near, get additional shopping money from the ZipUp referral program reward! Come on, invite a friend to create an account on ZipUp and get 50 thousand rupiah in USDT*

Friends who register and use your referral code will get a 50,000 rupiah bonus after making a deposit of 500,000 rupiah or more and save it in the ZipUp program for 30 days in the form of digital assets available on ZipUp. 

If the friend manages to get a 50,000 bonus, then you will get a 50,000 bonus too. The more friends who register, the more rewards you will get!

Your friends will also earn up to 10% interest when saving their digital assets on ZipUp! Share your referral code and start making money.

How to refer: Click ‘Invite Friends’ or click the ‘Settings’ tab in your profile.

1. Log in to your Zipmex Account

2. Click ‘Settings’> ‘Referral Program’

3. Copy & paste your referral code and share it with friends