The Serenity of Central Jakarta’s Dusk at Fun ZipMember Soirée: Jakarta Chapter

April 05, 2021

El Soirée might not sound familiar to you. But actually, you can do this with your loved ones. In Spanish culture, el soirée is regarded as meeting at dusk.

Last Wednesday (31/3), Zipmex hosted an event special for ZipMember named “Fun ZipMember Soirée: Jakarta Chapter”. In this event, lucky ZipMembers gathered around to enjoy tapas and special dessert from the best chef in the best Spanish restaurant, ¿PorQueNo?, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Tapas is a finger food in Spanish culture.

Held on top of the Ritz Building, Zipmex conveyed new information about ZIpmex and ZMT to the participants. Fanie Fikri, Head of Marketing Zipmex Indonesia, presented that ZMT’s value has successfully reached 566% since the launching on 17 December 2020.

Fanie also informed the participants about new features for all Zipmex users. One of them was ZMT roadmap along 2021. There will be many facilities in the future, including NFT adoption in Zipmex’s feature. Interesting, isn’t it?

Fun ZipMember Soirée: Jakarta Chapter was held with serenity. Strong Spanish ambience was radiated throughout the venue, which was the rooftop of the building that enhanced the beauty of Central Jakarta’s dusk.

Heavy rain during the event added to the fun of the evening at Fun ZipMember Soirée: Jakarta Chapter. In fact, the fun made the whole event warmer despite the rain itself.

In the middle of the event, Zipmex also facilitated the participants’ opportunity to socialize with each other talking about cryptocurrency investment. Accompanied by the free flow drinks, the ZipMembers were asked to review the newsletter to give more constructive feedback so Weekly Digest Zipmex could improve. 

To make it even more interesting, Zipmex held an all about Zipmex quiz and lucky draw so that the participants could get Zipmex exclusive shirts as merchandise. Makes you more curious, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, Fun ZipMember Soirée will not just be “Jakarta Chapter” only. Other exclusive Zipmex’s events will also come to your city! But, Zipmex will have to adjust to the government’s regulations related to COVID-19.

Keep calm and carry on, for we will come to your city. Keep increasing your ZMT and wait for Zipmex to come there.

See you, Zipmexian!


Aset kripto legal di Indonesia berdasarkan peraturan yang dikeluarkan oleh Badan Pengawas Bursa (Bappebti) pada Februari 2019.

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