A Closer Look at NFT Hype with Jejouw and Co-Founder Cryptoiz.net in ZipTalks Vol. 4

April 09, 2021

NFT hype is on its peak. Not just in Indonesia, buat also in the world. In any social media, you will find at least one people or account talk about it. It can be about something they want to sell as NFT, or maybe the contrary. They want to buy NFT to complete their collection.

As a collectible items, NFT promised something different than any other collection things. NFT has unique features which is a special identity that difference it one another. So, they can’t be have perfectly look-a-like replicate. This is one of there reasons why NFT is become popular as investment, specially for collector.

NFT also promised more benefits for artist. By using NFT, artist can get royalty more than ever. They also can avoid plagiarism on their arts. Not just that, artist also can have transaction directly with their fans, middle man is not needed. No wonder, this crypto asset become a great sensation all over internet.

But, in some ways, some people who’re really attracted into NFT came with a question. Is NFT really beneficial? How long this hype will be lasted? And last but least, is it just a gimmick for some crypto trend?

To answer all of your questions, you can join Zipmex webinar series ZipTalks Vol. 4 entitled “NFT: Gimmick or Best Pick” that will be held on:

Date : Saturday, April 10th, 2021

Time : 10.00 – 12.00 WIB

In this event, Zipmex is collaborating with Co-Founders CryptoIz.net Agus Artemis and Pebriansyah. Artemis and Pebriansyah learned about Bitcoin since 2008. Then, they build a community named Cryptoiz to educate society about blockchain and its benefit in the future.

Not just that, in ZipTalks Vol. 4, Zipmex will invites Jejouw. He’s a entrepreuner with big influence and great enthusiasm for crypto. In this event, Jejouw as a young family representative will share about his experiences in crypto assets. He also invites his wife to invest on crypto in Zipmex. Interesting, huh.

Great! How to Register then?

Registration for ZipTalks Vol. 4 is open from April 7th-10th, 2021.

To join this event, you will not be charged anything. Yes, it’s free! Interestingly, after the event, Zipmex will also distribute free tokens worth 5 ZMT* via airdrop. 

To register, you just need to click the button below and fill the form. Easy peasy, huh?

So, don’t miss out! Register now and get a lot more interesting knowledge about crypto right from the experts.

ZipTalks is a webinar program to educate Indonesia’s wider audience about digital assets. Therefore, you will learn more about digital assets and investment directly from the experts in an interactive manner. 

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