Zipmex Angpao Giveaway! February Specials, Win Millions of Rupiah worth of Tokens up to 888 ZMT!

February 03, 2021

Anticipating for this year’s Chinese New Year which sits on February 12, 2021, Zipmex brings excellent news for all ZipCrew. Win millions of rupiah in the form of ZMT tokens totaling up to 888 ZMT.

Chinese New Year is a much looked-forward moment for many. The Chinese New Year is synonymous with warm family gathering with relatives sharing angpao to their loved ones. Yes, of course! Angpao and Chinese New Year are inseparable.

Special in February, there will be angpao giveaway for all Zipmexian! You will get millions of rupiahs in the form of ZMT Tokens up to 888 ZMT. Isn’t it exciting?

So, how do we get it?

Don’t need to break a sweat! You just need to upgrade your ZipLock status to ZipCrew throughout February (February 2 – 28, 2021) to get 888 ZMT tokens that will be distributed at the end of the campaign period! You can get ZipCrew status after purchasing and staking 20,000 ZMT or more in your account.

Apart from getting 888 ZMT, ZipCrew will also get special prizes and exclusive perks. From birthday gifts, ZipCrew special VVIP groups, ZipCrew special webinars, and a lot of other exciting monthly gifts!

We would also like to remind that, two super VVIP top ZMT holder ZipCrews on February 10 will get an exclusive Valentine’s special gift. You and your plus one can enjoy a luxurious Romantic Dinner at the highest restaurant in Indonesia, right on February 14. It is nothing but delightful!

Don’t fret! Zipmex Angpao giveaway is not only for Zipmexians who are upgrading to ZipCrew. Those who will turn into ZipMember throughout February by buying and staking 100 – 19,999 ZMT, are eligible to win ZMT worth of IDR 88.888. Such unique numbers that will bring lots of fortune!

Terms and Conditions:

For Zipmexian upgrading to ZipCrew

  1. This program is only eligible for Zipmexians who are not yet a ZipCrew.
  2. Acquire ZipCrew status by buying and staking a minimum of 20.000 ZMT total in your account. Just like other cryptocurrency, ZMT prices do fluctuate, you would be required to timely check the market price on the Zipmex app to find out the current value of 20.000 ZMT.
  3. Zipmexian who becomes ZipCrew within the period of 2 – 28 February 2021, is eligible to receive 888 ZMT by airdrop.
  4. Zipmexians, who are already a ZipMember, would only be required to increase the number of ZMT tokens owned and stacked by a minimum total of 20,000 ZMT. For example, if you are a ZipMember with a current total of 2.000 ZMT owned and stacked, you only need to buy the remaining 18.000 ZMT.
  5. Airdrop will be distributed after the campaign period ends.

For Zipmexians upgrading to ZipMember:

  1. This program is only eligible for Zipmexians who are not yet a ZipMember.
  2. Acquire the ZipMember status by buying and staking a minimum of 100 ZMT up to 19,999 ZMT.
  3. Zipmexian who becomes ZipMember within the period of 2 – 28 February, 2021 will get an angpao airdrop in the form of ZMT worth of IDR 88,888.
  4. Airdrop will be distributed after the campaign period ends.

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