Get a total of 1050 ZMT for Top 7 ZMT Holders of ZipMember!

February 08, 2021

Hundreds of ZMT for free? Sounds like a good deal!

We have special news for you! This February, Zipmex is sending hundreds of ZMT for free to ZipMember with a total prize of up to 1050 ZMT. 

Sadly, not every ZipMember is eligible for this super interesting opportunity as it is reserved only for the top seven ZMT holders. 

How to get the free ZMT?

Easy peasy, ZipMembers are only required to buy and stake as many ZMT as possible throughout the campaign period. After that, Zipmex will announce the top seven holders with the highest amount of ZMT. The winners will get ZMT tokens based on their rank by airdrop. 

How many ZMT will you get?

  • 1st: 300 ZMT
  • 2nd: 200 ZMT
  • 3rd: 150 ZMT
  • 4th: 100 ZMT
  • 5th: 100 ZMT
  • 6th: 100 ZMT
  • 7th: 100 ZMT

Campaign period

  • 8   February   2021  – Activation Announcement
  • 27 February   2021 –  End of period
  • 1 March    2021 – Winner Announcement

Term and condition

  • This campaign is only eligible for ZipMembers
  • ZipMembers are Zipmexians who own and stake 100-19.999 ZMT
  • Prize distribution will be carried out no later than 7 working days after the winner is announced