Get Crypto Trading Tips and Tricks Right from the Pros at ZipTalks Vol.3: Trading with Pride

March 26, 2021

Who said that investment is an old man’s world? At Zipmex, you can invest and gain benefits earlier!

This time, ZipTalks Vol.3 will bring you to hear inspirational stories from Riva Lauritz and Wicky Zeroski. Riva Lauritz is a successful entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. While Wicky Zeroski is a high-skilled crypto trader and founder of who loves to share his knowledge about anything crypto-related.

The theme for this event will be “Trade with Pride!” in which Riva and Wicky will focus on giving you the tips and tricks about cryptocurrency trading. With that being said, you can start reaping the benefits from the early stage. Exciting, isn’t it? 

So, don’t forget to secure your spot on this webinar series which will be held on:

Day & Date: Saturday, April 3rd 2021

Time: 10.00 – 12.00 WIB

When the registration periode will start?

The registration period starts from March 26th 2021 to April 2nd 2021.

To participate in this webinar, it won’t even cost you a dime. On top of that, the benefit does not just stop there. At the end of the ZipTalks event, several lucky attendees will get a chance to win airdrops containing 5 ZMTs* each.

Don’t miss it! Buckle up and register yourself for ZipTalks Vol.3 “Trade with Pride” immediately!

*T&C Apply