Embrace Women Power in Crypto Industry in ZipTalks Vol.5: Super (Crypto) Women

April 16, 2021

Who runs the world? Girls!

Who said that only men can adapt and dominate the crypto industry? The beauty of crypto industry and blockchain technology is that it is an inclusive place for anyone to participate in, including women. 

This time, ZipTalks Vol.5 will bring you to meet inspirational superwomen such as Felita Setiawan, Head of Growth of Coinvestasi. Coinvestasi is a crypto-media that covers a variety of information about crypto assets reviewed from various angles.

In addition, Zipmex also invited Tya “PaoPao” Magdalena, an influencer and crypto enthusiast who will share his experiences in investing in crypto assets. Beside that, Zipmex Indonesia also invites beauty influencer, Chea Nuh. To make it more interesting, Zipmex Indonesia will also present our VP of Private Client Services, Shela Tanado. Shela will shares her adventure in Zipmex since its launched until now. 

ZipTalks Vol. 5 “Super (Crypto) Women will be held to commemorate Women’s Emancipation Day. This event is expected to empower and inspire women in Indonesia to join and rule the crypto industry. 

So, don’t forget to secure your spot on ZipTalks Vol. 5 which will be held on:

Day & Date: Saturday, April 17th, 2021

Time: 2.00 – 4.00 PM

This webinar is free. Last but not the least, at the end of the ZipTalks event, several lucky attendees will get a chance to win ZMT airdrops*.

Folks, get ready! Prepare yourself and register for ZipTalks Vol.5 “Super (Crypto) Women” immediately!

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