Maximize Your Trading Profit with Chef Arnold and Rita Efendy in ZipTalks Vol. 6: How to Cook Your Profit

April 19, 2021

Amidst the rise of the digital era, cryptocurrencies that you can invest in keep varying. Not only Bitcoin, Altcoins also keep rising as people’s choice in investment such as Ethereum, Ripple, OMG, et cetera.

In the last few weeks, Altcoins are in a bullish condition. Its popularity is also dashed, especially in the midst of the crypto market that is currently full of new investors. Large variety of Altcoins makes investors have many investment options. But, on the other hand, this makes investors confused to choose the most appropriate asset to maximize profits. 

To help you choose the right Altcoins, Zipmex presents ZipTalks Vol. 6 entitled “How to Cook Your Profit”. For two hours, Zipmex will invite you to discuss with Rita Efendy, a crypto asset trader who is experienced in world trading. In addition, there is also Chef Arnold Poernomo, who recently became passionate about cryptocurrency and NFT. 

In ZipTalks Vol. 6: How to Cook Your Profit, Zipmex will invite you to talk about the phenomenon of Altcoin, how to maximize and ‘cook’ the profit that you support from investing in cryptocurrency. Not only that, you will also get lots of tips and tricks for choosing the right Altcoin as your investment vehicle.

ZipTalks Vol. 6: How to Cook Your Profit will be held on:

Date: Saturday, April 24th 2021

Pukul: 10.00 AM – 12.00 PM

When is the registration? 

 Registration is open from April 19th, 2021 through April 23rd. 2021. This event is free of charge, so there is no reason for you to miss it out. There’s also ZMT for lucky participants. Go get your chance! 

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