What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that has gained worldwide popularity. It is a safe way to send digital money directly to each other.
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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first blockchain-based currency, also known as a digital asset

It follows a decentralized methodology and is based on Blockchain technology, which processes transactions and records them in a computer network. This allows Bitcoin to be trackable, secure, and fast while having no government or authority controlling it.
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No one knows precisely how many computers are in the system. Although some people think it could be around 3 million computers or so-called nodes.

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Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin has a fixed maximum supply. Once the number of tokens reaches 21,000,000 through mining, no more Bitcoin will be created.

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Bitcoin volatility is still high compared to other traditional investments. There’s no circuit breaker or market break to stop trading when the price crashes since there’s no authority controlling Bitcoin. So there’s a high risk but also a chance for high return as well.

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To change or hack Bitcoin is almost impossible since you would need to compromise more than 50% of the computers in the system, which is millions at a time.