What is Theta (THETA)?

Theta (THETA) is a blockchain catered for video on demand (VoD) and video streaming.
What is Theta (THETA)?

The Theta network is a decentralized ecosystem for users to share bandwidth and compute resources on a peer-to-peer basis.

The Theta protocol aims to revolutionize the video streaming industry by making it decentralized, improving infrastructure, and reducing costs to improve user experience as well as provide new and better opportunities for content creators.
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Supply Cap

Theta has a hard cap of 1 billion tokens, distributed among various network participants including holders like yourself, the Theta team, and a reserve pool for developing the blockchain.
All of this plays into reducing the barriers of entry into the ecosystem, and smoothing the transition from the Old World onto the blockchain.

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Proof-of-Engagement (PoE) is a protocol that proves a watcher has actually viewed a video. This acts as a reliable measurement of viewer engagement for both content creators and advertisers to measure their engagement.

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Smart Streaming

Theta uses Smart Streaming Contracts to facilitate reward distribution and collection. Examples of ways this can be used include: Advertisers rewarding streamers and viewers Viewers making donations/gifting streamers Contracts for streamers Premium/paid content

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Token Use Cases

THETA tokens are used for staking to contribute to the security of the network and block production. Tokens are also used for governance of the Theta Network to vote on the future of the network, including improvement protocols.