Tokenplace (TOK) is a trading platform that aggregates liquidity from cryptocurrency exchanges to provide traders with a single interface.

What is Tokenplace?

  • Tokenplace is a liquidity aggregator, providing a single window into the world of crypto. It offers institutional-grade multi-exchange trading tools to retail users for the first time: the Beta version lets traders connect 35+ exchanges via API and use smart order routing algorithms to optimize trades automatically. Its servers track the order books of all major exchanges, giving users a bird’s eye view of the market and the confidence that they are getting the best price at any moment, with sensitivity to fees.
  • Tokenplace will be the ultimate tool for pro traders, while also being the go-to venue for new users. Rather than having to choose one or more exchanges, new entrants into the crypto market will find the whole market at their fingertips with a single KYC. Traders who want to keep their existing exchange accounts can take advantage of smart order routing and have their entire portfolio visualized and analyzed with industry-leading design and user experience.
  • Tokenplace offers traders a smart order-splitting feature, which automatically executes orders at the best possible price across multiple exchanges. While order-splitting is part of a low-cost premium subscription, the platform is free to use. Traders will not have to pay any additional fees on Tokenplace beyond the usual commissions to exchanges and service providers.
  • Tokenplace, will have 6 key advantages over traditional cryptocurrency exchanges: 
    • A single, simple window for depositing, exchanging, trading, and withdrawing funds
    • The quickest possible one-time registration and onboarding process
    • Aggregated liquidity from the entire crypto market, enabling traders to easily buy and sell at the best available prices
    • One Tokenplace account and password for access to the whole market instead of needing different exchange accounts for different trading pairs
    • An easy-to-understand UI on both mobile and desktop that will lower the barrier to entry for new traders
    • Advanced algorithms for multi-exchange order splitting

Key Metrics

Token NameTokenplace
Token Type/ProtocolERC-20
Total Token Supply250,000,000 TOK
Current Circulating Supply See Coingecko
Market CapitalisationSee Coingecko
Token Creation DateJanuary 2020
Can it be mined?No
Total raised from Seed , Private and Public rounds$2,943,750.00
Token Distribution and operations budget.
Token Distribution and operations budget.
Operations Budget Allocations.

Who is behind Tokenplace?

Tokenplace was founded by crypto traders, with strong business backgrounds, who saw inefficiency in the system of multiple exchanges.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Tokenplace is Nina Knox , who was an Еx-member of Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington D.C., the largest trade association representing the blockchain industry and promoting attractive climate for crypto ecosystem.

Evgeny Grachev is the Co-founder and CPO of tokenplace and has co-founded two online startups with fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience.

Andrey Vengersky is the CTO and is COO at Datasakura, a  game development company with 18 years of experience in IT engineering.

What is the purpose of TOK coin?

Tokenplace has an ERC-20 utility/exchange token, TOK, that is modelled like the successful BNB token. The team will push it beyond the basic utility/exchange coin structure, using Tokenplace as a platform to innovate new venture funding models in the crypto space.

TOK Coin will give holders a few unique benefits
1. Increased rewards from participating in their affiliate program
2. Discounts to traders who hold large amounts of TOK, similarly to what Binance does with BNB
3. Lowered fees at Tokenplace’s partner exchanges

A portion of the total supply of TOK Coin will be kept out of circulation in a reserve. The purpose of this reserve is to provide the necessary liquidity for Tokenplace to be able to aggregate the best cryptocurrency prices from leading exchanges.


  • Tokenplace will launch Tokenplace Delta, an ecosystem that facilitates token creation and exchange for companies of all kinds. Tokenplace Delta acts as a business accelerator providing token tools and an ecosystem for growth for companies of all kinds. Delta offers bespoke token creation services in a regulated stablecoin environment.
  • Tokenplace will always have the opinion to use revenue in a “buyback and burn ” program for TOK, similarly to Binance’s program for its BNB token. At the same time, it can use the revenue to buy back tokens and add them to its liquidity pool rather than burn them,which it would consider if it believed such an action would be more beneficial to users.
  • Tokenplace Premium features the Order-Splitting Wizard, the first-ever automated order splitter available to non-institutional traders. By analyzing all connected exchanges in real time, the Wizard breaks your order down into parts to get the best possible price. There are some other advanced order types that are only available to Premium subscribers. However, the free service is still a powerful tool that offers traders the convenience of having all its exchange accounts and analysis tools in a single interface.
  • In the final stage of development , Tokenplace will fulfill its primary value proposition by launching a single-login inter-exchange smart trading (i.e. order splitting & matching) engine, called Token Trade. This will enable users to buy and sell any token on the market at the best available price, in real time. This will help attract even more users and distinguish Tokenplace as the most commercially appealing trading terminal in the cryptocurrency market.

    This smart trading engine will be able to pool together orders made by Tokenplace users and split them in a way that optimizes the price at which each order is filled.
Token Trade Order Splitting and Matching Engine.


  • Tokenplace has yet to launch its Beta version of its platform in Q3 of 2021 at the time of writing , but it is planned to be released soon.
  • The value of the platform is correlated to the user base and exchanges it can integrate with as that will mean more demand for the token. Therefore, as with most cryptocurrencies , the price will be highly correlated with its user base.

News and Updates

  • On 27th July 2021, Tokenplace announced it has integrated Vault security architecture from Hashicorp to protect API keys.
  • On 19th June 2021 , Tokenplace was chosen to participate in DCTDAO Decentralized Exchange’s Yield Farming Program and investors can buy and stake $TOK on DCTDAO’s decentralized exchange.
  • Tokenplace announced on 31st May 2021 that it has teamed up with LVT Capital.
  • Tokenplace concluded a public pre-sale event for its token via the TrustSwap launchpad in May 2021.

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