What is Ziliqa (ZIL)?

Ziliqa (ZIL) is a blockchain designed to be a scalable and secure platform for both developers and enterprises building decentralised applications (dApps).
What is Ziliqa (ZIL)?

Ziliqa aims to be the ideal enterprise blockchain, penetrating the advertising, gaming, entertainment, as well as the financial service and payments industries.

Ziliqa claims to be the world’s first public blockchain built completely on a sharded network. This allows it to solve scalability issues which have plagued conventional blockchains by achieving and maintaining high throughput as well as transactions per second.
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Network Sharding

Network sharding is a mechanism behind ZIL, through which the network’s nodes can be divided into smaller groups known as shards.
By doing this, a network of say, 1,000 nodes can be divided into 10 shards of 100 nodes. However, each of the shards can process in parallel with one another. Hence, if each shard can process 10 transactions per second, the sharded network can process 100 transactions, as compared to just 10 if the network was not sharded.

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Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Conventional consensus mechanisms such as Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) are contingent on the computational power of the network, rather than the number of nodes. Hence, in order for ZIL to leverage its relatively small shard sizes for scalability, it has to use a different protocol.
The ZIL network is hence secured through a completely different protocol known as practical Byzantine Fault Tolerence (pBFT), which has several advantages apart from being computationally cheap, and incurring a smaller energy footprint.

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As a result of network sharding, Ziliqa’s throughput can increase proportionately with the size of the network. This solves many of the scalability issues plaguing conventional blockchains - especially in times of network congestion.

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Smart Contracts

ZIL has also developed a proprietary new programming language known as Scilla - Smart Contract Intermediate-Level Language.
Scilla is focused upon safety, allowing it to automatically pick out and correct any security vulnerabilities, and verify the smart contract safety using mathematical proofs.