Refer a Friend & Earn 5 ZMT

For every friend that signs up using your referral code and locks 100 ZMT in ZipLock, you and  your friend will each earn 5 ZMT!

How to Refer a Friend

Log in to Zipmex
Go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Referral’
Share your referral code with your friends – for use when they sign up to Zipmex!
How to Refer a Friend

What is ZMT?

Zipmex Token – ZMT – is a ERC-20 traded digital asset native to Zipmex. ZMT has multiple benefits and use cases such as higher rates on earnings accounts, discounts – and more!

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What is ZMT?
What is ZipLock?

What is ZipLock?

Designed to increase your ZMT holdings, ZipLock allows you to earn an interest of 16% p.a. on your ZMT. Interest is paid out daily and the minimum locking period is 90 days. What are you waiting for? Lock up now!

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Highest Asset Security with Zipmex

We give the highest priority to ensuring the safety and security of your assets. Your assets are secure with our institution grade custodian solution and insured up to $100m USD. We’re also a licensed digital assets exchange regulated by Bappebti and Kemkominfo.

Highest Asset Security with Zipmex

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your friend has to sign up on or after the 1st April 2021 to be eligible for the new program People who qualify must be referred + sign up to Zipmex from 1st April 2021 onward.

Yes, you will still get the reward if you/your friend signed up before April 1st 2021.

As a referrer, you will get the reward for each person you refer only once. As a referee, you can only get the referral once.

Yes. You can lock several times to hit the minimum required.

Yes, you will get the rewards based on the sign up country of the person that you referred.

In your Zipmex wallet. You can check ‘transactions’ to see that your account has been credited.

You will receive the ZMT rewards instantly after locking the minimum required amount of ZMTs.

Go to ‘Settings’ > Referral to check how many friends have signed up and what stage of the process friends have gone through.

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