Weekly Research – 1 June 2020

Posted on June 01, 2020 in Articles, Investing, Market Movements
Weekly Research – 1 June 2020
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Market Analysis

Cryptocurrency Index, after hitting lowest in March, has increased continuously and hit the 20-day highest value. We might consider this indicator as Donchain Channel. Despite hitting a resistance at 270 (looking from Volume Profile), the index still looked strong.

Our recommendation is to accumulatively BUY your interested coins. However, investors must consider each coin at it own merit as well.

Total Crypto Market Capitalization

Market Capitalization – Excluding BTC

Cryptocurrency Index Excluding BTC, after hitting lowest in March, has increased continuously and reached the 20-day highest value. In addition, the index went over resistance at 90, leading by outperforming ETH.

Our recommendation is to accumulatively BUY underperforming coins or those that show accumulative signal. Investors may look for such signal in Zipmex analysis in the following page

Total Crypto Market Cap Ex – BTC

Selected Price Change

ZipmexNameMarket CapPriceVolume ( 24H )Circulating SupplyChange (24H)
1Bitcoin$176,388,246,901$9,591,46$32,987,347,77718,390,131 BTC1,46%
2Ethereum$26,335,791,694$236,94$15,412,621,847111,150,149 ETH5,64%
3XRP$8,968,683,885$0,20$1,675,182,65644,112,853,111 XRP2,39%
4Tether$8,805,227,778$1,00$41,097,833,6588,798,069,379 USDT0,18%
5Bitcoin Cash$4,451,541,248,362$246,52$4,033,695,00418,421,781 BCH3,13%
6Bitcoin SV$3,627,555,289$196,93$2,165,871,41318,420,515 BSV3,56%
7Litecoin$3,013,108,886$46,46$2,852,256,05664,850,498 LTC2,71%
8Binance Coin$2,734,338,378$17,58$336,805,387155,536,713 BNC2,60%
9EOS$2,526,862,669$2,71$2,278,282,077933,080,912 EOS2,68%
10Tezos$2,037,040,490$2,86$119,743,529712,330,570 XYZ-0,67%

Bitcoin Technical Analysis



BTC price is on the rise after uncertainties from Covid-19. After seeing 50% price increase from its lowest point, we believe BTC’s low-to-high movement frame is $1,300 or 13% per zone, which is a frame to execute Swing Trade.

Because the price has moved up through many zones, we recommend 2 strategies with cautions:

  1. Buy on dip
  2. Follow Buy when price breaks the Trendline or RSI Breakout Trendline.

Because of the fluctuation, please be disciplined about your Stop Loss point

Etheraum Technical Analysis



ETH is strong and hotter than other top 10 largest market cap assets. ETH price has increased more than 150%, because of Covid-19, and moved for 4 zones. Each zone width is about $33-34 or 16% of the price.

Currently, ETH has reached a resistance at 250 +-. Therefore, we recommend wait and see for current non-holder.

For those who want to invest in ETH, we recommend buying at the Support, not the market price. Current ETH holders may distributely sell at the high zone.

Litecoin Technical Analysis



Litecoin narrowly fluctuate, similar to XRP, around 40-50 for months. This makes ADX indication value continuously stays below 20, leading to a belief that there might be significant movement soon (up or down). The difference between Litecoin and XRP is that Litecoin has so much resistance, looking from Volume Profile. The resistance might be from the high number of holder at a high price, and those are ready to cash out any time.

We view this as a time to cumulatively buy or follow buy once the price breakout through the resistance

Ripple Technical Analysis



XRP swings in a narrow frame (Sideway) with Accumulation Phase property. According to technical analysis techniques, this phase would be followed with public participation and distribution. An indication of Accumulation Phase is the formation of average capital and RSI momentum divergence

Our belief is that, according to the fundamental of coins, we can accumulatively buy at this zone or wait to Follow Buy when price breakout through the Resistance

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis


Bitcoin Cash

BCH swings in a very wide range, between 240 – 270. The resistance is substantial, looking from the Volume Profiles, which means BCH holders are ready to sell once the price moves up.

Our opinion is that the historical data tells RR ratio isn’t high, which makes Stop Loss price far from the current. We recommend buying this at a small portion than other assets, in order to diversify risks


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