Why You Should Invest in ZMT

Posted on March 08, 2021 in Articles, Opinions
Why You Should Invest in ZMT
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2020 proved to be a banner year for the crypto industry as the market trading volume and capitalisation reached new highs. Last year, we witnessed a Bitcoin halving, more government involvement and a surge in the Bitcoin price. You may wonder what does the year 2021 hold for cryptocurrencies? Well, let’s just say we are quite excited to introduce you to ZMT.

What is ZMT? Does Zipmex Have Rights Reserved?

After years of planning, Zipmex has a new update in the form of a native token – ZMT. It is an ERC-20 digital asset that Zipmex has all rights reserved to. Zipmex is a regulated, leading digital asset exchange which provides excellent customer experience and service.

ZMT Token Capital Metrics

Zipmex has plans to issue around 200 million tokens over four years. The limited supply of tokens ensures that investors hold a valuable asset that grows in value. Zipmex also has a target to supply over 66 million tokens by the end of 2021.

Why You Should Invest in ZMT

A significant part of the total supply (around 38%) will be available for community development. Only 15% was reserved for private sales, 22% for the team, 5% for partners, advisors and early investment and the last 20% goes into the treasury.

Zipmex plans to distribute the capital over the years for community-building activities such as offering special airdrop campaigns and trading competition for loyal users. This token can ensure that the health of the Zipmex community is maintained.

Why Was ZMT Created?

The token was created to strengthen the Zipmex community. It allows users to be a part of the company’s future plus provides the ability to earn rewards for holding the token. Rather than the exchange being a sole place for trading cryptocurrencies and purchasing financial products, it will now be an active community due to the token.

The native token was also created with the vision for everyone to access financial investment opportunities at their fingertips. With this token launch, Zipmex customers will witness a full ecosystem built around ZMT. Customers will be able to utilise ZMT for loans, stocks and various other projects that are currently in the pipeline. 

Is There A Platform Where You Can Purchase The ZMT Token?

You can currently purchase this token on Zipmex. You may also see the token listed on other exchanges in the future.

The performance of our token in the crypto markets will depend on various factors including use cases and the exchange’s strength in the market place.

If you want to purchase this token, set up a Zipmex account using our mobile application or by navigating to the website on your browser.  Once you create your account, complete the KYC process, and search for Zipmex ZMT token. You can purchase the token directly on Zipmex’s trading platform.

Where Can You Monitor the Price of ZMT?

You can monitor the price and results of ZMT on the Zipmex exchange, CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. CoinMarketCap also has quite a large amount of company information and content about the token which we recommend you read.

Why You Should Invest in ZMT

What are the Benefits of ZMT?

If you want to add ZMT to your crypto investment list, you need to look at the benefits it offers. One of the main benefits includes trading cashbacks (for certain markets only) and the ability to earn 16% on your ZMT holdings. So if you are a ZMT holder and you trade any asset on the Zipmex website, you may receive cashbacks in the form of ZMT.

If you seek to net more profits from ZMT, keep in mind that the longer you stake the token, the better the return. This is based on what the current data shows.

In the future, just like other crypto assets, you can use Zipmex token to purchase various cryptocurrencies on our exchange and for payments in retail stores. Holders of ZMT also receive priority access to future projects and launches. They also get to be part of exclusive airdrop campaigns and can even purchase Zipmex NFTs in the future.

There are two tiers for token holders – ZipMember and ZipCrew. ZipMember is a basic tier where you have to stake/lock 100 ZMT. To be a ZipCrew holder, you need to lock over 20,000 ZMT tokens. You also earn an interest of 16% when you lock the coin for 90 days.

Investing in this native token can also help expand your financial portfolio, making it more diverse.

What is ZipLock? What Are The Returns?

The ZipLock program allows Zipmex investors to earn rewards daily for locking their funds. The minimum staking time is 3 months.

If you lock at least 20,000 ZMT as a minimum, this unlocks a greater yield on your investment. You can also earn the following interest from the listed currencies when you have subscribed to a ZipUp account:

  • USDC – 10.5%
  • USDT – 10.5%
  • BTC – 6.5%
  • ETH – 5.5%
  • LTC – 5.5%
  • GOLD – 5%

You may agree that various benefits come with investing in ZMT. So what are you waiting for? Please take the time to read our whitepaper, then head over to Zipmex and invest in the native token. Adding the token to your existing portfolio and network could be beneficial in the future.

All investment carries risks. This article is not meant to be interpreted as investment advice in any form or manner. Zipmex cannot guarantee the future performance of ZMT based on historical analyses. Investors have to use their own judgement when making investment decisions.