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How to deposit IDR using bank transfer into your Zipmex account wallet?

To deposit IDR via bank transfer to your Zipmex account you have to check that your account fulfils the requirements. Go to ‘Settings’ and then click ’Verification Level’. Only accounts that have cleared KYC requirements are eligible for this funding method.

How to deposit:

1. Log in to your Zipmex account

  • Click ‘Wallets’
  • Choose the currency you wish to deposit, such as IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Find the green arrow on your right side. You will find ‘Deposit’ written on it when you click the arrow. Click on the icon as shown in the photo below.

2. Enter the amount

Input the amount you would like to deposit then click ‘Deposit IDR’.

3. Select VA

Currently, there are three available Virtual Account (VA) to choose; Bank Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, and Permata Bank. Choose one you prefer the most.

4. Confirm the transaction

You will see the Virtual Account Number, account name, and amount you wish to deposit. You also will receive an email about deposit instructions.

5. Transfer the fund

Make a transfer to your chosen VA address via ATM, mobile banking, etc. that you usually use. Please review all details before making a transaction. Make sure the VA number and transaction nominal are correct. Here are the instructions to deposit your fund by Virtual Account you choose:


6. Your deposit shall be received instantly. Please check your balance available in your Zipmex account after receiving the verification email.

If you have any inquiries, please contact our support team by email on [email protected]

Notes: At the moment, the VA number given to you will only be valid for a one-time transaction and has an expiry time, hence please do the transfer right after you create a deposit ticket. You will be required to create another new deposit ticket for the future deposit with the method explained above. 

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