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How long does it take to process my withdrawal request?

After the user requests a withdrawal fund, Zipmex will immediately process the transfer of funds to the user.

The process of transferring funds from a Zipmex account to the beneficiary bank may take some time. This is because Zipmex cooperates with various parties, such as payment gateways, switching networks, and recipient’s banks.

The time it takes for funds to reach the bank account will also be affected by the bank’s operating hours. Some banks are offline at night or during weekends.

The following is the estimated time for the funds that have been sent by Zipmex to arrive at the recipient’s bank account based on the nominal transfer and requested time.

BankAmountWithdrawal request timeEstimated time*
All banks**< 100 million05:00 – 23:005 – 15 menit
All banks**< 100 million23:00 – 05:00Setelah jam 07:00 pagi
All banks**> 100 million07:00 – 20:005 menit – 2 jam
All banks**> 100 million20:00 – 07:00Setelah jam 07:00 pagi

*Table is the estimated time of funds arriving in your bank account. Your funds may come in sooner or longer depending on changes in the bank network and the status of the beneficiary bank.

**All banks registered for Rupiah withdrawal at Zipmex.

Please do not make large withdrawals at night because each bank has regular downtime generally between 23:00-05:00 UTC+7.

Contact our customer support via email at [email protected], Telegram, and Live chat via the app if you encounter any problems.

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