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How do I verify my Zipmex account?

Before starting to invest, buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or other digital assets on Zipmex, you must verify (KYC) your account. 

The different verification tiers are as follows:

  • Registered – this is the default tier obtained after registering your account and confirming your email address.
  • Verified (KYC) – you can deposit, withdraw and trade in digital currency. You are required to provide your personal particulars, a billing address, a photo of yourself and identity documents.

Required documents for KYC verification in Zipmex

  • Indonesia citizens: Indonesian identity card (KTP)
  • Foreign citizens: passport and one of the additional documents, such as KITAS, KITAP or identity card from the country of origin.

How to verify Zipmex account KYC via the website

  • Log in to your Zipmex account.
  • If you haven’t verified your phone number, you will be asked to verify it first. 
  • Go to your home page and click β€œVerify mobile”. If you don’t find it on your home page, you can go to β€œProfile”, select β€œVerification”, and then click β€œVerify mobile”.
  • Enter your active and valid phone number and click β€œContinue”.
  • You will receive a 6 digit OTP code sent to your phone number. Enter the code and don’t give your OTP to other people.
  • Make sure you have prepared your physical ID card, click β€œStart process” to start verification. If you don’t find it on your home page, you can go to β€œProfile”, select β€œVerification”, and then click β€œStart process”.
  • Select citizenship. For Indonesian citizens, you can click β€œIndonesian Citizenβ€œ and β€œNon Indonesian Citizen” for foreign nationals, then click β€œNextβ€œ.
    *Note: for foreign nationals, please use a valid passport. Zipmex is currently not accepting registrations for US citizens.
  • Enter the KTP number and full name according to the information on ID card (KTP), click β€œNextβ€œ.
  • Enter your date of birth according to your ID card, click β€œNextβ€œ.
  • Recheck your personal data including your full name, date of birth, and ID card number (NIK). Make sure all information entered is correct and matches to your ID card (KTP). Then agree to the terms and conditions by checking the pop-up box.
  • Click β€œLooks good, verify my identity” to continue your verification to the next step. 
  • Upload your KTP and approve the application to access your camera handphone by clicking β€œEnable cameraβ€œ. Take a picture of the front and back side of your ID card. Make sure the photo ID is in the guide box provided. The photo ID must also be clearly visible, not blurry/dark, damaged, covered with fingers, and does not show shadows or reflections of light.
  • Click β€œUpload photo” or β€œRetake photo” if your photo’s quality needs to be improved.
  • Now, you’re ready to start recording your video. Click β€œRecord video” and give access to voice recording by clicking β€œEnable microphoneβ€œ.
  • Before the recording process, make sure;
    • Your face looks clear as if not covered by a mask.
    • Do not show excessive facial expressions, such as squinting, pursed lips, and so on.
    • Position your face facing the front and follow all the instructions on the mobile screen.
  • You can start the video by clicking β€œStart Recordingβ€œ. Follow all steps on your mobile screen. You will be asked to turn your head to the left or right, and say a series of numbers out loud. When you have finished taking the video, confirm the video that has been taken and upload the video by clicking β€œFinish recording” and β€œUpload videoβ€œ.
  • You have successfully completed all stages of the KYC process at Zipmex. Your verification status will change to β€œUnder review”. Your account verification will be processed within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours. Please check your verification status periodically.

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