Zipmex will begin to apply trading fees of 0.2% with more benefits.

September 13, 2021

New bonus rates and the 0.2% trading fee will be effective from 15 September 2021 onwards. 

Zipmex will begin to apply trading fees of 0.2% for all pairings, along with the new ZipCrew VIP tiers so more users can experience benefits from Zipmex.


More tiers, more benefits coming soon

  • More trading fee discounts
  • More ZMT tiers, more benefits for ZMT ZipLock users!

New Tiers for ZMT ZipLock Users: 

  • ZipCrew VIP 1 100 ZMT
  • ZipCrew VIP 2 1,000 ZMT
  • ZipCrew VIP 3 5,000 ZMT
  • ZipCrew VIP 4 20,000 ZMT

Your ZipStarter, ZipMember and ZipCrew statuses will be transferred to the new tiers based on your locked ZMT after the effective date.

Stay tuned for more ZipCrew perks and benefits which will be coming to you soon!

*Benefits only applicable to users who lock their ZMT to minimum tier amount.

**Tiers are based on the amount of ZMT as of the effective date.

***Terms and conditions apply.