Important announcement: updates on Zipmex’s fundraising progress

August 26, 2022

Bangkok, Thailand – 25 August 2022 – Zipmex is in advanced stages of negotiations to finalise the commercial terms of our investment round with potential investors. We have requested a meeting with Thailand’s Securities Exchange Commission to introduce our potential investors and present our recovery plan if the investment is agreed upon and consummated.

Dr. Akalarp Yimwilai, CEO and Co-Founder of Zipmex Thailand said “Zipmex has consistently been trying to restore investor confidence. By resuming the Z Wallet service and doing everything possible to resolve the aforementioned problems, we intend to continue to move forward to resume full services to serve our customers effectively and fairly. We are determined to rebuild the greater crypto ecosystem so that it emerges stronger than ever, including the Zipmex Token (ZMT).”

For the update on fundraising, from all the three MOUs signed by three investors within one last month, Zipmex is in advanced stages of negotiations to finalise the commercial terms with two of these investors before an agreement is concluded. The investors we have been in discussions with fully understand our potential and share our vision and mission of developing the digital economy in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Zipmex is considering offers from local and global investors, so that Zipmex’s operations can fully resume and be improved upon, including new projects, as well as our capabilities for the expanded use of ZMT and the Zipmex ecosystem across the region. Zipmex will officially announce as soon as any investment transaction is finalised and agreed upon.

Additionally, the Zipmex Group has appointed KordaMentha Pte. Ltd., a global firm with expertise in restructuring and financial consulting, as its Financial Advisor and in order to appoint a Scheme Manager in the business restructuring process. KordaMentha Pte. Ltd. together with Zipmex will provide further updates regarding the restructuring process as appropriate. This will include details about online Townhall meetings which will be held within 15 September 2022.

Thank you for your continued support.

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