Notice of Collection, Use, Transfer, or Disclosure of Personal Data

August 18, 2022

Dear Zipmex customers,

We, Zipmex Company Limited (the “Company” or “We”), refer to our global moratorium application filed with the Singapore Court, in which we are required to disclose some of our customers’ personal data (“Customers’ Personal Data”) to the Singapore Court for the consideration of the moratorium in accordance with requirements and conditions set out by the Singapore Court, such as disclosure of the list of top creditors, the amount of their investment, and other data that identifies the person, and etc.

The Company would like to inform you that our disclosure of respective Customers’ Personal Data during the moratorium process to the Singapore Court was limited and only conducted to the extent necessary to comply with the requirements and conditions of the Singapore Court. We also have strictly limited the number of third parties who can access such data. In this regard, our actions in relation to the Customers’ Personal Data comply legitimately with the Personal Data Protection Act. B.E. 2562 (2019) (“PDPA”). We assure you that the Customers’ Personal Data has never been disclosed to any other external third parties not involved in the process, and we have strictly complied with the privacy policy concerning the collection and use of all personal data of the Company’s customers and the PDPA in all respects.

Accordingly, please be informed and aware that the collection, use, transfer, or disclosure of the Customers’ Personal Data submitted to the Singapore Court without obtaining consent from a data subject may constitute violation of the PDPA, thus, you may individually be liable to the data subject for such violation under the provision(s) of the PDPA.

We therefore would like to ask for your cooperation, in compliance with the PDPA, to refrain from collecting, using, transferring, or disclosing the Customers’ Personal Data that you may obtain.

Yours sincerely,

Zipmex Team

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