Review Personal Information

August 30, 2022

Zipmex Thailand (“Company”) has the policy to conduct periodic verification of all accounts on our system to review the personal  information (“KYC”) and suitability test to make sure that all information on the system is as current and accurate as possible, as well as to assess the user’s risk level on investments. This assessment complies with the policy of The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) in Thailand which happens yearly or bi-yearly.

When an account is due for this verification, the account owner will receive notifications via 4 channels to inform and remind them to review and update their personal  information. The notifications will appear in the following channels:

  • A notification email sent 30 days before the due date for verification
  • A Push Notification message (via mobile app)
  • A call from a customer support representative (case by case basis)
  • A pop-up message on the login page (web and mobile app)

In case the verification cannot be completed within the specified periods, the Company will proceed further according to the policy for risk prevention and account security. Please see the details below.

30 daysBefore the due dateCustomers are notified via email/push notification to update their account.
Within 15 days Before the due dateOur customer support agents will be contacting customers.  
1 dayBefore the due dateCustomers are notified via email/push notification to update their account.
After the due date Buying and deposit of digital assets will be temporarily suspended until the review is complete.

To prevent any disruptions to your account, please log into your Zipmex application and review your personal information  and resubmit the suitability test as soon as possible or within 30 days after you have received the notification. This involves just checking your account details and will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Proceed with the following steps in your Zipmex application:

Step 1: Click on the “Identity Verification” Card found on the home screen once logged in.

Step 2: Press ‘Verify mobile’ to begin process.

Step 3: Check all your account details are correct.
Step 4: Fill in the suitability test as usual to assess your risk level.

Step 5: Hand in supporting documents or proceed to dip chip through 7-Eleven with the Counter Service Symbol or Krungsri Bank Branch.

Feel free to check out our comprehensive guide on how to complete this here

Additional Documentation for KYC assessment

  1. For those who have changed name, we will need to re-identify you and you will need to upload your new identity document. 
  2. For those with expired identity documents, we will need your updated identity documents.
  3. For those who have changed job, we will need your new occupation details for risk assessment purposes.
  4. For those who have changed home / work addresses, we will need your new address for account security purposes. 

Contact us

Email: [email protected]


LINE OA – Customer Support 24 hrs :

Please note that we will never ask for your log in details such as account address or password. Do not share your personal details with any Zipmex staff claiming to be an account representative. 

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