Winner Announcement from ZipLock a hundred, win a million campaign!

January 24, 2022

ZipLock campaign

Congratulations to the following winners of ZipLock a hundred, win a million campaign who joined and fulfilled all the requirements for the campaign!

Here are the winner lists:

1Piromrat Rat***pir***@gmail.comJewelry from Cartier valued at 1,000,000 THB
2Monthira Tha***tit***@msn.comBusiness class round-trip flight tickets Bangkok – New York for 2 valued at 184,680 THB
3Pratchaya Kaw***tuy***@gmail.comRound-trip flight tickets Bangkok – Maldives with 2 nights accommodation for 2 valued at 84,510 THB
4Sirikul Pra***spr***@gmail.comMacbook Pro 2021 14′ 512GB valued at 68,700 THB
5Nattaphol Pra***nat***@gmail.comiPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB valued at 42,900 THB
6Norrapat Moo***sky***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
7Muhummad-anas​ Lam***lam***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
8Wirojh Pha***wir***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
9Tiwath Sir******@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
10Kittisak Kae***kit***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
11Nithi Dum***kru***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
12Jiraporn Kam***jir***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
13Emiga Nga***emi***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
14Krittanai Pon***kri***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
15Suphaporn Pat***pho***@gmail.comBTC Airdrop (1,000 THB)
16Rattakan Aia***rat***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
17Sulachet Pho***sur***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
18Anuwat Boo***anu***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
19Chanchai Pip***cha***@yahoo.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
20Teeranan Sin***tee***@hotmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
21Wasu Rij***was***@yahoo.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
22Prathan Sri***cha***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
23Natnicha San***nat***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
24Nimit Pho***nim***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
25Suphattra The***aan***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
26Ratana Aru***rtn***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
27Adirek Rug***adi***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
28Chaiyaton Sir***cha***@hotmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
29Nontanus Tan***non***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
30Jannarong Jan***cha***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
31Asakorn Cha***asa***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
32Attapon Boo***att***@hotmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
33Piyawasin Pik***piy***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
34Noppadol Lee***lee***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)
35Rattanapol San***rat***@gmail.comZipWorld Voucher (5 ZMT)

*1st – 5th prizes can be exchanged to the equivalent amount in BTC

For winners who receive 1st – 5th prizes from this campaign, Zipmex will contact the winners via email about the details for receiving the reward.

For winners who receive BTC Airdrop worth 1,000 THB, the rewards will be airdropped into the Trade wallet within 30 working days after the campaign has ended.

For winners who receive ZipWorld Voucher worth 5 ZMT, the voucher will be sent via email within 30 working days after the campaign has ended.

For those who missed out on the reward from this campaign, please rest assured because we will have more exciting campaigns to come!

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