Update On Moratorium Application

August 04, 2022

Dear Zipmex customer,

Update on Moratorium Applications in Singapore

We refer to our announcements dated 27 July 2022, 29 July 2022, and 1 August 2022.

The Singapore Court has issued further directions on the registration procedure to attend the hearing. The Singapore Court has directed that any person who may be affected by the orders sought in any of the Applications and who wish to attend the hearing must register with the Zipmex companies’ solicitors, Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC, by 12 noon on 10 August 2022, Singapore time. To ensure your email is received, please indicate clearly in the subject header that you intend to attend the hearing. Please send the email to Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC’s email address at [email protected].

The registration details must provide the following:

(i)           Email address,

(ii)          If an individual, the first and last name; and

(iii)        If a corporation, its corporation name.

The Singapore Court has also directed that registrants must log in using a Zoom account one hour before the hearing is scheduled to commence. Attendees will not be allowed to address the Court or turn on their cameras until and unless the Court approves a request that is typed into the webinar “chat” with a synopsis of what the attendee wishes to address the Court on.

Please note that watermarking technology will be used for the Zoom hearing and any unauthorized recording or dissemination of video / audio footage of the hearing is prohibited and may be the subject of thorough investigations that can result in civil or criminal liability.

Please note further that the Singapore Court has also issued a case summary and a brief explanation of the moratorium process. The same is annexed to the correspondence from Court to be downloaded from the Dropbox and customers are encouraged to read the Court’s description of the case as well. The same notes issued by the Court will be made available and published on the Singapore Court’s website from 3 pm (Singapore time) today (4 August 2022).

A copy of the Court’s correspondence can be downloaded from the Dropbox link as follows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9vj5zgybf4of3lo/22%20August%202022.zip?dl=0. If you have been verified as a Zipmex user, you can proceed to view and open the affidavits with the same password previously provided. If you have not yet verified your email account as a user, customer, or creditor of any of the Zipmex Companies, please send an email to  [email protected] for a verification check before you will be provided with the password to access the documents.

If you wish to indicate your support for the Zipmex companies’ moratorium application, please email our solicitors at [email protected].

Thank you.

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