Merit Circle

Merit Circle, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), aims to develop play-to-earn gaming industry.

What is Merit Circle?

  • Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) aiming to develop the play-to-earn economy.
  • The project focuses on developing users’ gameplay experience with the goal of building its own metaverse.
  • The platform is currently investing in P2E games including Axie Infinity, Vulcan Forged and many more.
  • Merit Circle is currently managing gamers globally from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America.
  • The protocol is maintained by various independent parties and individuals through governance powered by the MC token holders.

Key Metrics

Token NameMerit Circle
Token Type/ProtocolERC-20
Total Token Supply1,000,000,000
Current Circulating Supply See Coinmarketcap
Market CapitalisationSee Coinmarketcap
Token Creation DateNovember 2021
Can it be mined?No 

Who is behind Merit Circle? Merit Circle was created by the founders of the Axie 420 scholarship and managed by Flow Ventures. Flow Ventures has been drafting Merit Circle’s visions and leading its direction, besides Flow Ventures is responsible to provide all the necessary resources to the Merit Circle’s team.

What is the purpose of Merit Circle? 

Merit Circle aims to develop metaverse games by creating the platform with the purpose of fillign the gaps between capital, expertise, and players.


  • Merit Circle is a platform that hosts scholarship and educational opportunities for users to earn more from gaming.
  • The platform has very clear profit splitting. 30% out of everything the gamers earn by using in-game assets goes to the platform while the rest if 70% goes to the players directly. 
  • Merit Circle offers various benefits to its players, such as in-game assets, a vibrant community meta-games on top of the existing games, and additional rewards.
  • MC token is the heart of Merit Circle’s DAO. It is utilized as governance and play-to-earn token. Moreover, it can also be staked for more bonus rewards.


  • There are various competitors in blockchain gaming market these days. The platform not only needs to perform well but to be outstanding to capture more investors and players. 

News and Updates:

  • Merit Circle has been receiving great supports from many industry leaders With 1.5 million monthly Twitter views, 97,000 followers on Twitter and over 6,000 members on Discord as of March 2022.
  • In March 2022, Merit Circle partners with NFT launchpad and escrow protocol Flair Finance aiming to build decentralized trust and transparency to the industry.

Merit Circle announced its partnership with Drunk Robots, an RPG play-to-earn game in February 2022, and invested over 100,000 USD into the game’s development.

Community & Whitepaper:

*As cryptocurrency and digital tokens involve high risks, investors may lose all their investment money and should study information carefully, making investments according to their own risk profile.

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Cryptocurrency and digital token involve high risks; investors may lose all investment money and should study information carefully and make investments according to own risk profile.

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