Listing Rules

Projects must pass ALL 5 requirements in order to be considered for listing evaluation:

  1. Is there a whitepaper?
  2. Is the company incorporated?
  3. Is there a source code or MVP?
  4. Is it on a blockchain?
  5. Is the project or founders engaged in a scam?

Rules for Listing Zipmex Coins (7Ms)

  1. Model – Check that the business model is reasonable and makes sense
  2. Mechanics – Verify that technology actually works
  3. Management – Check that the team is capable and reliable.
  4. Market – How much addressable markets
  5. Motivation – Token economics, does it make sense as a blockchain project?
  6. Momentum – Traction, are they on the right track?
  7. Money – The financials, is it a good deal?

MODEL — The Business Model:

BUSINESS: Do they have an existing business?

CONCEPT: Is the proof of concept coherent and understandable?

REAL NEED: Does it address a real problem or need?

VALUE PROPOSITION: Is there a clear value proposition for all groups to participate?

VISION: Is there a vision beyond the immediate concept that matches broader trends?

FEASIBILITY: How feasible is the concept? The roadmap?

WHITEPAPER: Does the whitepaper justify the use case for a decentralized network and outlines project goals from a business and technology perspective?

MECHANICS — The Technology:

FEASIBILITY: Is the use of blockchain/the token truly a necessary component of the project?

MVP: Has it been tested? How developed is the source code?

PROTOTYPE: Is there is a working alpha or beta product on a testnet or mainnet?

EQUALITY: Is the technology accessible to use by anyone with a smartphone or access to the internet?

DECENTRALIZED: Is it already truly decentralized?

DECENTRALIZED: Is there at least a roadmap in place to get there?

INNOVATION: How innovative is the product / does it contribute to the blockchain ecosystem?

SECURITY: How active is the team in improving the code?


FOUNDERS: Are the founders able to articulate vision, strategy, use cases or drive developmental progress?

FOUNDERS: Do the founders possess the relevant experience?

FOUNDERS: How diverse are the founders?

ADVISORS: Do they have reputable advisors with relevant experience?

VESTING: Does the team have sufficiently sized stake and vesting implemented for balanced incentives?

CONNECTED: Are the founders well-connected in the ecosystem?

CONNECTED: Are there any related parties to the founders and management?

SKILLS: Do founders and advisors cover all areas relevant to the project (business, tech, marketing, industry knowhow)?

MARKET — The Addressable Market:

MARKET POTENTIAL: Is there a large market and/or significant growth potential?

CIRCULATION: Is the supply capped?

COMPETITION: Are they outstanding in their field compared to their competitors (if any)?

DEFENSIBILITY: Can the team defend their business against others (through IP, network effects, brand)?

LIQUIDITY: How liquid is the asset?

GEOGRAPHY: How geographically distributed is the asset?

MOTIVATION — The Economics:

BLOCKCHAIN: Does the project benefit from using blockchain technology (e.g. eliminating need for a trusted 3rd party, leveraging impermutability, automation through smart contracts)?

TOKEN UTILITY: Does the ecosystem get added and/or inherent value from having the asset?

TOKEN INCENTIVES: Do the token economics create growth incentives and network effects?

TOKEN ECONOMY: How are the incentives to grow beyond the limits of a medium of exchange?

INFLATION: Is there is an algorithmically programmed inflation rate?

EQUALITY: Is the distribution of tokens fair?

MOMENTUM — The Traction:

MEDIA: Is there positive interest on (social) media?

ROADMAP: Do they have an ambitious yet realistic roadmap?

PARTNERSHIPS: How are the high-profile partners working with them?

PROGRESS: Has an alpha or beta already launched with positive reactions from the users?

CUSTOMERS: How large is the existing customer base?

MONEY — The Financials: (Token only)

VALUATION: How reasonable and feasible is the financial valuation?

LIABILITIES: Are there any outstanding debts?

RUNWAY: Will the funding be sufficient but not too high for the scope of the project?

SUPPLY SOLD: Does the team distribute a reasonable amount of tokens (i.e. no central banking)?

DISCOUNTS: Are discounts reasonable in relation to risk profile of this and previous funding rounds?

EXCHANGES: Are there already exchange listings in preparation?

NOTE: The listing rules are non-exhaustive and will constantly be updated to reflect the technology and the industry, after approval from the SEC

Delisting Rules

Delisting shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

Delisting will occur with the following general criteria.

If the following circumstances are triggered, automatic delisting occurs:

  • Any wrongdoings by the company? (e.g. Misuse of funds, misappropriation of funds, criminal proceedings against the management, etc.)
  • Any signs of constant and serious market manipulation on the token
  • If project has deviated from the roadmap provided in whitepaper for more than a year.
  • Volume for token is less than USD 300,000 within a rolling 30-day period
  • Any significant changes to the source code/token allocation of the project (e.g. sudden increase in supply)

NOTE: The delisting rules are non-exhaustive and will constantly be updated to reflect the technology and the industry after approval from the SEC.

Delisting Process:

  1. Zipmex will notify all customers via announcement on the company website and e-mail 7 (seven) days before the project is delisted.
  2. Zipmex will allow customers with withdraw from the platform for 30 days after delisting
  3. After 30 days from delisting, customers will have to contact [email protected] to withdraw.

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