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How to re-KYC for Thais

How Zipmex will alert you when it is your time to review your personal information

Please note: from 7th April 2023 onwards, all Thai nationals will have to verify their identity at a 7-11 branch or Krungsri Bank branch. Please follow the steps below for more information.

1. Log in to your Zipmex account

2. The system will display a notification to update your account information, select “Review Information”.

3. Check that your information is up-to-date and correct. If you’ve changed your name, select “Edit” to update. Once you’ve checked, tap “Next” to proceed with the next step.

4. Allow Zipmex to collect facial recognition data. Then select “Looks good, verify my identity”.

5. Submit your ID card and video selfie

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6. Enter your current address and occupation.

7. Complete your suitability assessment form.

8. Confirm that your information is correct and up to date and take note of the Terms & Conditions. Then select “Accept”.

9. Select an additional ID verification method. Please proceed to dip chip at any Krungsri Bank Branch OR any 7-Eleven branch with the Counter Service Symbol with your Thai ID card.

Official channels to contact our Customer Support

1. Live Chat

Web: or

Mobile app: Go to ‘Profile’, click ‘Live Chat’

2. Line Official: @zipmex or click here

3. Facebook: Zipmex Thailand

4. Email: [email protected]

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